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Midtown Inn, mecca for prostitutes, sex offenders, torched by arsonist

1-7-16 New York:

The Midtown Inn.

For many residents on the city’s Southeast side, the ramshackle rooming house held a terror that would rival that of the Bates Motel, featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1963 tale of terror, “Phycho.”

The inn was a target of controversy in 2009 when the New York State Division of Parole began placing level 2 and level 3 sex offenders there after their release from prison. At one point, sexual predators were housed in the joint, which is located in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood, 1,500 feet of the city’s Niagara Street Elementary School and less than 200 feet from a church operated day care center.

Citizen complaints led to the involvement of the Niagara Falls Reporter.

The place was the former site of the Zodiac Lounge, the premier blue collar Polish saloon in a neighborhood filled with blue collar Polish saloons. They’d cash your paycheck, serve up a scrumptious fish fry on Friday nights, and everybody had a good time.

As recently as 2002, the Reporter covered a party there at which more than 200 people made it to the Zodiac Lounge on Niagara Street for a community tribute to community activists and tavern owners Bob and Mary Kay Wilson.

Inmate Claims Jailers Encouraged Beating

5-24-15 California:

FRESNO, Calif. (CN) - Sheriff's deputies in California's Central Valley opened a cell door to let inmates join in the beating of an alleged child molester, the man claims in court.

Carlos Carrasquilla sued Tulare County on May 13, alleging assault and battery, failure to intervene and constitutional violations.

Carrasquilla, who had no prior criminal record, was arrested by Exeter police in 2014 on a warrant from Los Angeles County stemming from an alleged incident of inappropriate contact with a minor 12 years ago. The accuser was in her late 20's when she made her claims, the complaint states.

Carrasquilla, then 54, was booked into Tulare County Jail to await transfer to Los Angeles County.

Within two days of his jailing, Tulare County sheriff's officers "began a concerted effort to disclose and to otherwise make it known to the general population of inmates that plaintiff was a 'child molester,'" the complaint states.

Registered sex offender attacked at work not eligible for comp

7-15-15 Nebraska:

A registered sex offender who sustained injuries when he was assaulted by his co-worker on the job isn't entitled to workers compensation benefits, the Nebraska Court of Appeals has ruled.

Phillip McDaniel was working for Denver-based Western Sugar Cooperative monitoring machinery and ensuring work areas were clean in February 2013 when a co-worker, Jason Bates, assaulted him with a brass hammer, according to court records.

Mr. Bates called Mr. McDaniel a “chimo", which is short for child molester, according to court documents, after seeing on the Internet that Mr. McDaniel is a registered sex offender. Mr. Bates' employment was terminated immediately.

Having sustained injuries to his nose, clavicle and left shoulder, Mr. McDaniel filed a petition for workers comp benefits, according to records.

Mom Believes She Must Helicopter if Lowest-Level Sex Offenders Come Off Registry After 20 Years

11-27-15 New York:

Here in [NY], something wildly fair is about to happen: People who have been on the Sex Offender Registry for 20 years, who GOT ON the list for a “Level 1” non-violent sex crime like going to a prostitute, “public lewdness,” or peeing in public, are finally going to be allowed to get off.

This, of course, makes for a great news story, especially if you find a mom and interview her without explaining to her or the audience that “stranger danger” is the least likely danger her child will encounter, that the Sex Offender Registry is a Scarlet Letter making normal life almost impossible for anyone on it, and that Level 1 offenders are extremely unlikely to become rapists, because they were not rapists to begin with. Legally, a Level 1 Offender has to have a “low risk of repeat offense.” I’d say that must be even more true two decades later! But here’s the inexcusable way Rochester First played it (see picture in original):

Compare and contrast that story with the one below, from WHEC, that at least took the time to talk to a source who does NOT automatically hear “Sex Offender” and assume that no children will ever be safe as long as anyone with that label is allowed to live a normal life again:

Woman Charged With Attacking Teen Over Drone Applies For Program

6-23-2014 Connecticut:

A woman accused of attacking a teen who flew a drone with a camera over her head on a beach applied for a probationary program in Superior Court Thursday.

Andrea Mears, 23, of Westbrook, applied for accelerated rehabilitation, a program for which she is eligible because she has no known criminal record, her public defender said. If completed successfully, her charges could be erased.

"That's pretty much just a slap on the wrist," said Austin Haughwout, the 17-year-old Clinton resident who was flying the drone that day last month.

Haughwout said in an interview on Thursday that he was recording "cool video of the landscape" that day at heights above 50 feet, too high to invade anyone's privacy. He uses his radio-controlled quadcopter in public places, he said.

Haughwout said he believed that if a man had assaulted a woman, the court penalty would have been more severe.

Prison stories: Former inmate Michael Humphreys did extra time after assaulting 'pedophile' in jail

6-26-2014 Michigan:

JACKSON, MI – To coincide with the opening of the new Cell Block 7 Prison Museum at the State Prison of Southern Michigan in Blackman Township, the Citizen Patriot interviewed several people who spent time at the facility when it was fully functional.

They included former corrections officer Don Brown, nurse Kathy Johns and former inmate Michael Humphreys, all of Jackson.

Here are their stories:

The inmate

By his own account, 33-year-old Michael Humphreys "became a man" while in prison.

At age 18, the Pontiac native was sentenced to serve six months at the Hillsdale County Jail on fraudulent check charges. Humphreys' idea of what prison life was supposed to be like led to a much longer stint, however.

Man stabbed repeatedly for alleged sexual assault of teen

7-3-2014 Tennessee:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A man was arrested for attempted criminal homicide early Sunday morning after stabbing a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

The attack occurred Saturday evening at a home in the 100 block of Hamblen Avenue in Old Hickory

According to the affidavit, Dartanion McGee, 31, attacked the man after overhearing a phone conversation about the alleged sexual assault.

The victim suffered at least five puncture wounds as well as injuries to his head, face, neck and back.

He was taken to Skyline Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. He was able to tell police he remembered being attacked in his room but lost consciousness during the assault.

McGee was charged with attempted criminal homicide and booked into the Metro jail.

His bond was set at $250,000. ..Source.. by

Vigilante group leads search for pedophile who has attacked NINE young girls in the Bronx

7-7-2014 New York:

A vigilante-style group has taken up the case of the man who police say has accosted nine girls and young women in the Bronx since February.

The Hero Initiative hit the streets of the north central Bronx in search of a man who's created a wave of fear in the area as families fear for the safety of their little girls.

The grassroots group has factions across America and even abroad in the United Kingdom.

'We are members of the Community Emergency Response Team, Citizen Police Academy, and neighborhood watch groups. We volunteer in weekly outreach events, used needle pickup patrols, free self-defense classes and ongoing crime prevention,' reads their website.

The organization's Bronx arm swarmed the area in April and again last month.

Police: Florida father beats accused child abuser

7-18-2014 Florida:

A Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old man unconscious after finding him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son early Friday morning, police said.

The father called 911 around 1 a.m. after he walked in on the alleged abuse, police said. When officers arrived, they found Raymond Frolander motionless on the living room floor. He had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth.

"He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you," the father told the 911 dispatcher. "I drug him out to the living room."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal ( ) reports that the father — who was not identified by police — told investigators he walked in as Frolander was abusing the boy.

When asked by the 911 dispatcher if any weapons were involved, the father said "my foot and my fist."

Setting fire to sex offender’s home nets prison

7-22-2014 Wisconsin:

Two men accused of setting fire to a mobile home of a registered sex offender in the town of Gardner last fall have been convicted in Door County Circuit Court.

T.J. Robert Hunt, 25, Sturgeon Bay, was given three years in state prison and seven years of extended supervision by Judge Peter Diltz on July 14 for arson, party to a crime.

On Nov. 2 the corner of a mobile home was doused with gasoline where Jason H. Johnson, 40, was living and asleep at the time. Johnson, who had been convicted in Michigan in 2009 of second-degree sexual assault, had recently moved into the home in the neighborhood where Hunt and Baker lived.

Johnson awoke to the smoke, and the fire was put out by the Brussels, Union, Gardner Fire Department. No one was injured, and Johnson continues to live in the town of Gardner.

Hunt pleaded no contest to the arson charge on April 10. Other charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, second offense; first-degree recklessly endangering safety, party to a crime; and obstructing an officer were dismissed.

The people's voice is angry: Outcry over sex offender's release fires up social media — but when does the fire get out of control?

8-9-2014 Iowa:

MUSCATINE, Iowa — When a 23-year-old Muscatine man convicted of lascivious acts with a child was released from prison after serving four years of a 15-year sentence, the People of Muscatine exploded.

The outrage began after a July 30 post that appeared on the People of Muscatine Facebook page began taking on a life of its own. The post by the page's administrator was asking about the release of Robert A. Howard from prison. Howard was sentenced to prison in 2010 after being found guilty of sexually abusing his girlfriend's baby son.

It didn't take long before responses to the post included death threats, graphic descriptions of bodily mutilation, and even jokes about Howard's arrest. The anger wasn't directed entirely at Howard. One post said that the child's mother should be "stomped." Another person, who posted a defense of Howard, was the target of outrage: "I guess Jessica needs to have her baby molested by this [man] to feel different."

The original post, and others after it, generated several hundred comments, nearly 50,000 views, and attracted the attention of KWQC-TV, who reported on Howard's release under the headline, "Child sex offender released early from prison."

Sex offender at center of Mart employment controversy

8-15-2014 Texas:

Seven years in prison taught Lonnie Green to own up to his past and not to be ashamed. So when a Mart resident recently complained to the city council after learning Green — a registered sex offender — is employed by the city’s public works department, Green said he knows that no matter how much he alters his attitude, his sex offender status will always cause problems.

“You have to know yourself,” he said. “People will always hate on you, but just as many people that talk down on you, there’s another to talk you back up. That’s pretty much how I look at life.”

At this week’s Mart City Council meeting, Kellie Green, 38, who is no relation to Lonnie Green, stood before the elected officials holding up an enlarged photo of her 12-year-old daughter.

Neighbors allegedly assault man in Flint for being on sex offender registry

8-20-2014 Michigan:

FLINT, MI -- A man was assaulted by three men from his neighborhood after they found out he was on the sex offender registry, according to a Flint police report.

Flint police were called to an area hospital in reference to an assault that happened on Crawford Street on Monday, Aug. 18, around 4:20 p.m.

The victim told police he was allegedly assaulted by three men from the south side neighborhood because he is on the sex offender registry list.

According to the report, the victim had what appeared to be a cut on his right wrist, red left eye, and a cut on his bottom lip. Police said the victim also complained of rib pain.

No suspect information was available in the report and no further information was released. ..Source.. by Amanda Emery

Canton woman pleads guilty to stabbing Akron man during fight over salsa, sex offender status

11-16-2015 Ohio:

AKRON, Ohio — A Canton woman admitted Monday to stabbing a man in the groin and side after the man said she became enraged that he ate all of their salsa.

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, a fourth degree felony. Summit County Common Pleas Judge Amy Corrigall Jones will sentence Jefferson on Jan. 4 after a background check.

Her attorney, Noah Munyer, said the argument that led to the stabbing stemmed not from salsa but because she learned her boyfriend was a sex offender.

Munyer said the charge, reduced from a second-degree felonious assault, was more in line with the facts of the case. Both Jefferson and the man mutually fought, he said.

Jefferson's then-61-year-old boyfriend on March 29 told police that Jefferson complained about him finishing off their salsa. She yelled and jammed a pen in the left side of his pelvis.

Woman accused of filing false report about registered sex offender

9-24-2014 North Carolina:

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. -- The Alexander County Sheriff's Office charged a woman after she filed a false report about a registered sex offender living in her area.

Deputies charged 50-year-old Carolyn Harkey with obstruction of justice after she made false allegations about a registered sex offender moving to Alexander County without registering.

Harkey admitted to authorities that she lied to them on the report that she filed with authorities in March of 2014.

Harkey was placed under a $5,000 secured bond and has a court appearance on September 22, 2014. ..Source.. by WCNC Staff

On Your Side Alert: Warning about fake sex predator email

2-14-15 Virginia:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There is an alert for all parents. Cyber crooks are preying on your love and concern for your children. Criminals are sending fake emails that look like a warning about a child predator in the area, but it's really a fake.

If you saw the warning you just may be fooled. It claims a sex offender may be in your area right now. Sounds scary -- but it's all a trick and falling for it could be more frightening. It's one of the latest email schemes designed to get you to click a malicious link.

If you're fooled, it could lead to a cyber nightmare. Sgt. Matthew Patterson, with the Virginia State Police says you should never trust emails like this.

"We are aware of this scam and I would encourage citizens, if they are concerned about predators in their neighborhood, to visit the sex offender registry website, where you can kind of become your own investigator," he said.

The place you should go if you are concerned about a child predators in you area is Virginia's Sex Offender Registry site. It's free and operated by State Police.

Hemet Man Displays ‘Child Molester Danger’ Sign To Warn Residents Of Neighbor

2-19-15 California:

A homeowner has displayed two bright green posters in a Hemet neighborhood in an effort to warn neighbors of a man who is registered as a sex offender on the Megan’s Law database.

Doug Ennen made the posters, one of which says “Child Molester Danger,” and taped them to his two cars. He then parked one of those vehicles in front of a registered sex offender’s home.

According to the Megan’s Law website, 59-year-old Harlan Steiner lives on Ennen’s street, although the date of the crime isn’t listed.

“It’s just one of those things that everybody should know and be aware of. I don’t believe they can change,” Ennen, a homeowner, explains. “It’s horrible, especially if you have kids; you can never relax fully.”

One neighbor, who didn’t want to talk on camera, disagreed with the public shaming and said Steiner is a nice guy who’s already done his time.

Area woman convicted for harassing sex offender

3-16-15 Virginia:

FRONT ROYAL – All she wanted to do, Delores Ann Harris told a jury Friday, was to protect herself and her granddaughter from a man who had been convicted 21 years ago of aggravated sexual battery, a man who has been on the state’s sex offender registry since 1997.

But the convicted sex offender in the courtroom was the victim in the jury trial. And Harris, 61, was the defendant, charged with misusing information from the sex offender registry.

It took the jury only 23 minutes to find Harris guilty and even less time to impose a $1,500 fine on her for actions that the prosecution described as a campaign of harassment against Scott Costello, 43.

“The commonwealth realizes that Mr. Costello is not a sympathetic victim,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Fleming told the six-member jury during closing arguments.

But, Fleming said, the state law is clear: The state sex offender registry, including details about Costello, can be easily viewed on a website but the information displayed must not be used “for purposes of intimidating or harassing” another person. Violations are categorized as class one misdemeanors carrying penalties of up to one year in jail and a maximum penalty of $2,500.

Madison County woman fires gun to 'send message' to sex offender

3-30-15 Georgia:

Authorities arrested on Saturday a 61-year-old Madison County woman after she allegedly fired two gun shots as a way of sending “a message” to a convicted sex offender she didn’t want on her property.

Eddie L. Manley of Paoli Road, Carlton, was charged with aggravated assault, making a terroristic threat and pointing a pistol at another.

The shooting occurred outside Manley’s home, where the 53-year-old victim, who is a registered sex offender convicted of sexual exploitation of children, was shot in the foot with a .45-caliber handgun loaded with .410-gauge shotgun shells, according to a Madison County Sheriff’s report.

The man had cuts on his toes caused by one pellet, deputies said.

The victim said Manley’s boyfriend allowed him to come to the house to gather some belongings he left while in prison. While collecting his items, he said Manley exited her home and told him to leave, according to the report. The man said he didn’t respond to her order, then heard a gun shot. Manley began yelling and threatened the man’s life, telling him he would “never hurt another teenager again,” deputies said.

‘Obsessed’ suspect in Mill Valley arson and vandalism spree tackled by off-duty firefighter

4-5-15 California:

A woman “obsessed” with a Mill Valley home set the house on fire, vandalized the driveway next door, drenched a woman with lighter fluid, got tackled by an off-duty firefighter and ended up in jail on Sunday, a sheriff’s official said.

Nai Feuy Saelor, a 24-year-old Richmond resident, was arrested at a home on Panoramic Highway and booked into Marin County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, arson and vandalism.

The incident occurred at about 9 a.m., when the owner of the home noticed the lights flickering inside, said sheriff’s Lt. Doug Pittman said. When the homeowner looked outside to see if a power line was down, he saw smoke, went outside and discovered his carport engulfed in flames.

“He alerted his family, a family member called 911, and his son ran outside and extinguished the fire with the garden hose,” Pittman said.

The person suspected of starting the fire had also spray-painted vulgarities and accusations in red paint on the mailboxes and driveway next door. As the suspect began to leave the scene, she was seen by a woman standing outside, Pittman said.

Prosecutors: Alleged Montco jailhouse slasher targeted child sex offenders

4-13-15 Pennsylvania:

A Montgomery County jail inmate accused of using a razor-like object to violently slash a child sex offender’s face and neck wants to prevent a jury from hearing that he also was accused of assaulting another alleged sex offender at the jail five months earlier.

Michael Daniel Call, 29, who is awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault in connection with the alleged Dec. 31, 2013, razor blade attack of then fellow inmate Gary Romano, wants a judge to prevent prosecutors from telling a jury that he received a misconduct while in jail for allegedly punching Paul Corrigan, another alleged child sex offender, during a jailhouse fist-fight on July 12, 2013.

Assistant District Attorney Lindsay O’Brien argued Call’s fist-fight with Corrigan should be permitted as trial evidence against Call as “a prior bad act” to show his “common plan or scheme” to target and attack other inmates accused of committing sexual-related crimes against children.

“There are a lot of similarities between these two incidents,” O’Brien, assisted by co-prosecutor Alexandria MacMaster, argued to President Judge William J. Furber Jr. “These similarities are not merely coincidental, rather they indicate that the defendant’s conduct was part of a common plan, scheme or design, to assault individuals incarcerated on charges involving child molestation.”

Police: Men single out sex offender, stab him several times

5-13-15 Utah:

WEST JORDAN — Two men accused of singling out a registered sex offender and repeatedly stabbing him were charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court.

Dustin Ray Lewis, 26, and Brailosky Aguado, 25, allegedly stabbed the man six times at a home near 9100 S. 2700 West on Feb. 5 while telling him, "You deserve to die," and, "I knew it was you."

The men allegedly said "you're on the sex offender list" before attacking him.

The stabbing victim, who is listed as a non-compliant sex offender in Utah, eventually escaped the residence and took himself to a nearby medical center. He was later hospitalized at Jordan Valley Hospital for his injuries.

The man was convicted of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor, in 2001, according to court records.

Troy police consider charges after arson death

5-27-15 New York:

LANSINGBURGH - An autopsy was being done Tuesday on a woman who died recently, weeks after being pulled from a fire in Lansingburgh.

Right now this is an arson investigation. We don't know the results of the autopsy yet, but depending on what they are, someone could be charged in connection with her death.

There is a memorial set up here at the scene for Grace Halpin. Neighbors say they want the people responsible for setting the fire, caught.

The apartment building on Second Avenue is boarded up and vacant now. Authorities say someone used gasoline to set the fire that started in the front of the building in the early morning hours of May 1. At least a dozen people were left homeless by the fire.

State drops charges against Hampden woman accused of running over sex offender

5-27-15 Maine:

NOBLEBORO, Maine — All charges were dropped May 12 against a Hampden woman who was arrested in March for allegedly running over her boyfriend, a convicted sex offender, with a car after she caught him allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl.

Linda F. Currier, 53, of Hampden was arrested March 29 in Nobleboro and charged with Class B aggravated assault and Class C aggravated criminal operating under the influence.

A fight had allegedly ensued between James Oliver, 48, of Hampden and formerly of Nobleboro, and Currier after she walked in on him allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl, according to a March 31 news release from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Lt. Michael Murphy.

“The fight continued outside where Currier allegedly ran over Oliver with a car,” Murphy wrote. “All adult parties at the residence had apparently been drinking at the time.”

Last inmate sentenced in jail attack

6-25-15 West Virginia:

HUNTINGTON - With the final punishment now ordered, nobody will serve additional prison time for their role in the attempted killing of another inmate at Western Regional Jail.

James Roy Michael Keeney, 49, of Huntington, received a 1- to 5-year prison sentence Monday, but Cabell Circuit Judge Alfred Ferguson ordered he serve it simultaneous to a 40-year prison sentence from a prior conviction.

Keeney pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in connection to the Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, 2013, attack on suspected sex offender Zachary Matthew Lawson, then 18. Court documents indicate the attack involved an apparent beating and choking.

An April 2015 indictment initially charged Keeney, three additional prisoners and four correctional officers. The case ends with convictions against three prisoners and all charges dismissed against the remaining five defendants.

Others pleading guilty in the case were the already-convicted murderer Steven Lee Adkins, 29, of Apple Gove, West Virginia, and burglar James Dennis Galloway, 37, of Charleston. Ferguson also allowed their sentences - 3 to 15 years and 1 to 3 years respectively - to be served simultaneously to prior convictions.

Tennessee father charged with beating up man who tried to solicit his children

7-16-15 Tennessee:

MAURY COUNTY, TN (WKRN) – A Maury County father is facing criminal charges after he allegedly beat up a man accused of soliciting his two young daughters.

Kenneth Faulkner, 30, is charged with aggravated assault. He was arrested last Thursday and held in the Maury County jail before posting bond the next day.

Faulkner says he was upset that Thomas Williams, 67, was sentenced to just three years of supervised probation for soliciting his two daughters, ages 4 and 7.

He says his children are related to Williams by marriage.

The father told News 2 he suspected sexual abuse and reported it to the Columbia Police Department last December.

According to court documents, on March 5 a Maury County Grand Jury indicted Williams on two counts of solicitation of a minor, defined as “unlawfully and intentionally and being eighteen years of age or older, by means of oral, written, or electronic communication, electronic mail or Internet services, directly or through another, to intentionally command, request, hire, persuade, invite or attempt to induce a person, to-wit to engage in the offense of sexual battery by an authority figure.”

Would-be rapist critically beaten by three Good Samaritans

7-21-15 Indiana:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (21Alive) – At last report, a man continued to cling to life after being severely beaten by three men. But there's a twist to the story. 1:30 Monday morning, the Villages of Hanna, formerly known as Eden Green apartments.

As a woman walked through the apartment complex, a man grabbed her shirt, dragged her across the street, and began assaulting her. When she yelled for help, three men ran up, pulled the man off of her, beat him up and stomped him in the head, then left before police arrived.

When they got there, the would-be rapist wasn't responsive, and was rushed to the hospital where he was last listed in critical condition.

A police spokesman said since the man wasn't armed, and there were three other men, battery wasn't necessary. He says instead of being vigilantes, they should have called 911 immediately and been good witnesses.

Homeless Palmetto man charged with punching child molester

9-23-15 Florida:

MANATEE -- Deputies arrested a homeless man after he hit another man who was kicked out of an Ellenton bar for being a child molester, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Staff of the Three Oaks Bar in Ellenton told the victim to leave the property because he was a convicted child molester, according to an arrest report. The victim left the bar at 4:50 p.m. Saturday and was followed by William Wagner.

Wagner, 53, confronted the victim outside the bar and called him a child molester several times, deputies said. The victim responded that he had committed the crime 30 years ago and "he has never done it since."

Wagner then punched the victim in the face and the man fell on his right knee, according to the report. A witness came over to help, and Wagner asked why he would help a child molester before walking off.

Area woman convicted for harassing sex offender

3-13-15 Virginia:

FRONT ROYAL – All she wanted to do, Delores Ann Harris told a jury Friday, was to protect herself and her granddaughter from a man who had been convicted 21 years ago of aggravated sexual battery, a man who has been on the state’s sex offender registry since 1997.

But the convicted sex offender in the courtroom was the victim in the jury trial. And Harris, 61, was the defendant, charged with misusing information from the sex offender registry.

It took the jury only 23 minutes to find Harris guilty and even less time to impose a $1,500 fine on her for actions that the prosecution described as a campaign of harassment against Scott Costello, 43.

“The commonwealth realizes that Mr. Costello is not a sympathetic victim,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Fleming told the six-member jury during closing arguments.

Canton woman pleads guilty to stabbing Akron man during fight over salsa, sex offender status

11-16-15 Ohio:

AKRON, Ohio — A Canton woman admitted Monday to stabbing a man in the groin and side after the man said she became enraged that he ate all of their salsa.

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, a fourth degree felony. Summit County Common Pleas Judge Amy Corrigall Jones will sentence Jefferson on Jan. 4 after a background check.

Her attorney, Noah Munyer, said the argument that led to the stabbing stemmed not from salsa but because she learned her boyfriend was a sex offender.

Munyer said the charge, reduced from a second-degree felonious assault, was more in line with the facts of the case. Both Jefferson and the man mutually fought, he said.

Jefferson's then-61-year-old boyfriend on March 29 told police that Jefferson complained about him finishing off their salsa. She yelled and jammed a pen in the left side of his pelvis.

Deputies: Man was shot 'because he's a sex offender'

9-22-15 California:

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - The Shasta County Jail has released the mugshot of a suspect who deputies said shot another man after learning he was a registered sex offender.

Timothy Gould, 28, was arrested Monday around 5:30 p.m. after officers had identified him as a suspect in an earlier shooting in the City of Shasta Lake.

According to a news release from the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, the motive behind the shooting was due to the victim Roy Matagora, 62, being disliked because he is a registered sex offender.

The Megan's Law website for registered sex offenders showed Matagora was previously convicted of several charges including rape, and several charges relating to the sexual abuse of a person under the age of 18.

Police swarm Waukegan home of registered sex offender on prank 911 call

5-29-15 Illinois:

Police converged on a Waukegan apartment earlier this week after a chilling 911 call was made by a man claiming he had stabbed a woman, bound her and was holding her hostage with a shotgun, according to police.

On Tuesday morning, police closed down the area around the 1700 block of Sunset Avenue before officers armed with AR-15 rifles forced their way inside, Waukegan Police Chief Wayne Walles said. it turned out the 911 call was a false report, summoning police to the apartment of a registered sex offender.

"This is similar to what they call 'swatting,'" said Walles, who likened the call to a prank. "But we're not sure what this was and that's why we are investigating."

Authorities called the SWAT team, but officers at the scene were sent into the apartment instead, equipped with their street rifles, Walles said

The 911 call was placed at 11:13 a.m., police said, and the male caller told a dispatcher he had his girlfriend tied up in the apartment. He also said he had stabbed her twice and claimed that he had a shotgun, according to Waukegan Police Lt. Edward Fitzgerald.

Nicole Pelletier, Outraged Mom, Allegedly Assaults Neighbor Who Faces Child Porn Charges

9-27-2014 Massachusetts:

A Massachusetts mom faces felony charges after she admitted to assaulting her neighbor, who had returned home after being arrested on child porn charges.

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Nicole Pelletier, 42, entered Gary Spring's condo through an unlocked door the evening of Sept. 22.

Spring, 61, a former Merrimack College professor who was recently fired after being charged with possession of child pornography, told police that he was in bed when Pelletier entered his bedroom and punched him square in the face.

The accused man lives in the apartment directly below Pelletier and her two children, 11 and 13. The woman, who was described in the report as "crying and visibly upset" with blood on her arm and hands, called 911 herself after attacking her neighbor.

Women chase, beat man accused of attempted child rape

9-29-2014 Ohio:

CINCINNATI —A Hamilton County man is accused of trying to force a girl to perform oral sex.

The incident happened at an apartment complex on Durrell Avenue on Sunday. Police said a man lured the girl to a basement laundry room and tried to force himself upon her.

WLWT News 5's Andrew Setters said a witness, Rasheeda Lawson, said she heard a woman yell “Someone call the police, he just touched my daughter,” and saw a man, later identified as Terry Johnson, running away while trying to pull up his pants.

The 7-year-old victim's mom ran after Johnson, while Lawson followed in her car. "He was running, trying to get his pants back up, and couldn't never get them up," Lawson said.

Lawson said the women caught up to Johnson at a cemetery on Victory Parkway. Lawson said she keeps Mace and a stick in her vehicle and used them both.

Officials investigating vandalism of Boulder sex offender Zach Meints' car

10-29-2014 Colorado:

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is investigating the vandalism of Boulder sex offender Zach Meints' car earlier this month — and Meints' attorney said video of the incident is evidence Meints did not stab himself twice earlier this year as investigators allege.

Meints, a former Boulder youth hockey coach convicted in 2012 of Internet sexual exploitation, reported being stabbed twice in two weeks this spring, but was charged with false reporting after investigators concluded he inflicted the injuries himself.

Meints, 26, is facing four counts of false reporting to authorities, Class 3 misdemeanors, and one count of attempting to influence a public servant, a Class 4 felony.

Blaze that destroyed sex offender’s home suspicious; ATF investigating

1-15-2015 Oklahoma:

Local, state and federal authorities are trying to learn more about what caused a destructive fire at the trailer home of a convicted sex offender who was recently charged with possession of child pornography.

The blaze was reported Tuesday night in a mobile home park off of West 810 Road. Tahlequah and Woodall fire departments were called to the scene and found the trailer home of Bill Robinett engulfed by flames.

“We don’t really know what started the fire,” Tahlequah Fire Chief Ray Hammons said. “When we got there, the trailer was half-involved on the front living area. We knocked it down pretty quick, but it had a lot of fire throughout and took a long time, with all of the hot spots.”

Bill Robinett, 72, had been living in the trailer until his arrest earlier this month on charges of child pornography. He was released from the Cherokee County Detention Center this week to seek medical treatment, but Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault said witnesses saw Bill Robinett’s son, 46-year-old Michael Dwayne Robinett, at the home before the fire.

TI becomes vandalism target following alleged distribution of sex photo

11-12-2014 New Jersey:

The phrase “Rape Haven” was graffitied in black spray paint on the stone partition outside Tiger Inn at some point between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The graffiti was discovered this morning, according to a picture obtained by The Daily Princetonian that was taken at around 7 a.m. The graffiti was partially blurred out before at least 1 p.m.

It remains unclear who is behind this act of apparent vandalism. TI president Oliver Bennett ’15 and TI graduate board chair Robert “Hap” Cooper ’82 did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

University spokesperson Martin Mbugua deferred comment to the Princeton Police Department as to whether the incident had been reported to authorities. A local police spokesman said Wednesday evening that he was unaware if any incident had been reported. The Department of Public Safety did not log any reports of vandalism or any other crimes between Tuesday at 7 a.m. and Wednesday at 7 a.m.

South Carolina man left beaten to pulp after allegedly raping nephew's girlfriend on New Year's Eve: police

12-31-2014 South Carolina:

William Mattson's nephew told Conway police he found the 52-year-old raping his girlfriend inside their shared home just after midnight Thursday. After kicking down the bedroom door the boyfriend apparently went Rambo on him, leaving his uncle bruised and bloody.

William Mattson's New Year’s Eve left him seeing stars.

The 52-year-old sexual assault suspect was found beaten to a bloody pulp when picked up by police in Conway, S.C. just after midnight Thursday, police said.

The victim's boyfriend told police he found Mattson having his way with her inside a bedroom of his father's house, where he lives with his girlfriend and Mattson, Myrtle Beach Online reported.

Upon hearing odd sounds coming from inside the room, he told police he kicked the bedroom door down and apparently went Rambo on his uncle while physically driving him out of the home with pounding fists.

Caught on cam: Sexual assault suspect attacked in jail

9-21-2014 New Mexico:

A New Mexico carnival worker is recovering after two brutal assaults inside the Bernalillo County Jail.

The man who was attacked is 41-year-old Raymond Johnson, a State Fair midway ride operator who was being booked on a charge of criminal sexual contact with a minor. A 14-year-old girl said he groped her at the fair. Jail officials said another prisoner scuffled with Johnson during booking, but that was his second fight of the evening.

Earlier, at the Prisoner Transfer Center in Downtown Albuquerque, another prisoner kicked Johnson in the rear end and body-slammed him in a holding cell, before he even got to the jail. ..Source.. by

Inmate to face 10 years in shooting, jailhouse beating

8-21-2014 California:

One of six Monterey County Jail inmates accused of beating up a corrections deputy in May pleaded no contest to a series of related charges Thursday, his attorney confirmed.

Mark Raso, 27, of Greenfield, was charged in June along with Edward Ramirez, 20; Armando Canchola, 25; Francisco Miranda, 23; Alberto Cortez, 22; and Marcos Zamora, 23.

They are accused of jumping Deputy Nick Menezes the morning of May 24 as he dealt with an allegedly struggling Giovanni Pacheco. Pacheco, 22, is accused of killing three and injuring four in a shooting last year outside a Williams Road taqueria.

Prosecutors allege Cortez urged the other five on in beating up Menezes while he was distracted with Pacheco. Menezes was still off work during the July preliminary hearing for Canchola — the first of the six to be bound over for trial.

Brian Worthington, who is representing Raso, said his client pleaded no contest to assault on law enforcement personnel and a gang enhancement, but only to wrap up a more serious case.