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September 23, 2014

Caught on cam: Sexual assault suspect attacked in jail

9-21-2014 New Mexico:

A New Mexico carnival worker is recovering after two brutal assaults inside the Bernalillo County Jail.

The man who was attacked is 41-year-old Raymond Johnson, a State Fair midway ride operator who was being booked on a charge of criminal sexual contact with a minor. A 14-year-old girl said he groped her at the fair. Jail officials said another prisoner scuffled with Johnson during booking, but that was his second fight of the evening.

Earlier, at the Prisoner Transfer Center in Downtown Albuquerque, another prisoner kicked Johnson in the rear end and body-slammed him in a holding cell, before he even got to the jail. ..Source.. by

Inmate to face 10 years in shooting, jailhouse beating

8-21-2014 California:

One of six Monterey County Jail inmates accused of beating up a corrections deputy in May pleaded no contest to a series of related charges Thursday, his attorney confirmed.

Mark Raso, 27, of Greenfield, was charged in June along with Edward Ramirez, 20; Armando Canchola, 25; Francisco Miranda, 23; Alberto Cortez, 22; and Marcos Zamora, 23.

They are accused of jumping Deputy Nick Menezes the morning of May 24 as he dealt with an allegedly struggling Giovanni Pacheco. Pacheco, 22, is accused of killing three and injuring four in a shooting last year outside a Williams Road taqueria.

Prosecutors allege Cortez urged the other five on in beating up Menezes while he was distracted with Pacheco. Menezes was still off work during the July preliminary hearing for Canchola — the first of the six to be bound over for trial.

Brian Worthington, who is representing Raso, said his client pleaded no contest to assault on law enforcement personnel and a gang enhancement, but only to wrap up a more serious case.

July 22, 2014

Setting fire to sex offender’s home nets prison

7-22-2014 Wisconsin:

Two men accused of setting fire to a mobile home of a registered sex offender in the town of Gardner last fall have been convicted in Door County Circuit Court.

T.J. Robert Hunt, 25, Sturgeon Bay, was given three years in state prison and seven years of extended supervision by Judge Peter Diltz on July 14 for arson, party to a crime.

On Nov. 2 the corner of a mobile home was doused with gasoline where Jason H. Johnson, 40, was living and asleep at the time. Johnson, who had been convicted in Michigan in 2009 of second-degree sexual assault, had recently moved into the home in the neighborhood where Hunt and Baker lived.

Johnson awoke to the smoke, and the fire was put out by the Brussels, Union, Gardner Fire Department. No one was injured, and Johnson continues to live in the town of Gardner.

Hunt pleaded no contest to the arson charge on April 10. Other charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, second offense; first-degree recklessly endangering safety, party to a crime; and obstructing an officer were dismissed.

June 28, 2014

Two brothers questioned after neighbor shot

NEW Classification: RSO involved in retaliation / revenge based on his/her being targeted because of his/her status as a RSO.

6-28-2014 Texas:

SAN ANTONIO -- Police say two brothers were taken into custody after one of their neighbors was shot Friday night.

Officers were called to the 600 block of H Street on the East Side around 11 p.m. Friday for a disturbance, after a man reported that a sex offender had been looking at his daughter.

Police were then called back to the location around midnight for a reported shooting. When officers arrived, they found the man who had made the report about the sex offender had been shot twice in the back.

The man was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition.

The alleged sex offender and his brother were taken into custody for questioning. ..Source.. by

June 21, 2014

Vigilante Violence is NOT "Justice"

6-21-2014 Vigilante Murderers Nationally:

From OnceFallen's blog:

“How do we rehabilitate a sex offender? They cannot be fixed, what they can do, is convinced the Psychologists that they are ‘fixed’ and they are safe to be released into society. The only cure for child abusers and molesters is to have every member of their immediate family killed.

These nefarious crimes and people should not be allowed to procreate. By destroying their immediate family members, you purify the blood line. This is the only way to ensure that they (the pervert or family) cannot ever hurt a child again. Liberals will think that these statements are immature and that I must be empty headed.

How many people consider the children that were abused or molested? What about the mental destruction that this child has to live with for the rest of their lives? How these children will find it difficult to ever trust another person. How these children may possibly never be able to have children of their own, because they were raped so severe, that it damaged them permanently? I don't think my suggestion is to limit sure, I think it's the only answer, and if you don't agree, then you too should be ..Continued..

June 10, 2014

Teens Keep Vandalizing a University Park Sex Offender's House, and He's Getting Sick of It

6-10-2014 Texas:

When Robert Coleman's house got egged, he called the University Park police. It was a Saturday night in September 2012. Officers came to the crime scene but found no leads, other than the splattered egg yolk. Coleman realized that his patio umbrella was also missing, according to the police report.

The following Saturday night, the eggs hit again. A neighbor told the cops that he saw two teenagers walking nearby around the same time.

Coleman installed a video camera security system, hoping to catch the egg-throwers. But when his house got hit again, the vandal spotted the camera and slapped it down.

Soon the vandals moved onto tougher objects. Coleman was sitting in his home one night when he heard the sound of glass breaking. His window had been hit with "an unknown object," according to a University Park Police Department report.

Another night, Coleman told police, he saw a car drive over his yard. The vehicle fled when he stepped outside.