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Convicted sex offender arrested for address violation

2-2-2007 Oklahoma:
.A 7-News investigation this weekend led to the arrest of a convicted sex offender in Kiowa County. We showed you a disturbing Myspace web page Saturday night supposedly belonging to Richard Barret. He was convicted of lewd molestation in 1997. Following our 10-p-m newscast Saturday night, Snyder Police Chief Helena Cook informed us that Barrett was arrested for lying about where he was living. Oklahoma law requires that sex offenders tell local police where they live. Barrett claimed to live in Roosevelt, but when we stopped by the address he listed, his uncle told us Barrett was actually living in Snyder.

Chief Cooke says Barrett was taken into custody around midnight Sunday morning. She will present charges to the district attorney on Monday. She says Barrett still maintains that he did not create a Myspace web page containing statements about wanting to meet children. He believes someone else is impersonating him. On the page, it shows several of Barrett's prison mug shots. But most alarming, a statement, that reads quote, "I just got of prison for lewd molestation, and now I live in your town. Lock up the kids." We wanted know if Barrett really put this site up or if someboday is setting him up.

Chief Cook says over the past few days several people have contacted her with concerns about the site. Barrett tells her he doesn't own a computer or know what Myspace is. Only Myspace knows who sets up accounts. Chief Cook tells us she contacted Myspace to ask them to take the page down and they haven't responded to her. "It will continue to happen until Myspace comes up with a way to resolve it. Like I said it's not the first time. It's happened numerous times. We do the best that we can do to try to ensure the safety to our community, which is what we have done in this case," says Cook. ..more.. : by KSWO

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