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Father takes the law into his own hands

3-15-2007 Arizona:

.A Mesa father, who ended up in jail after beating up a man, said he would do it all over again. He said he did it for his 14-year-old daughter, an alleged victim of a sex crime. But it's that sex crime that reportedly led him to a Mesa apartment on March 8 to beat up the alleged suspect.

"I just kicked the door down," said the alleged victim's father. "I just laid into him until I got tired." Hours earlier the father said he learned the identity of the suspect who reportedly molested his daughter. While there's no police report on the sex crime, he said it happened two years ago, when his daughter was 12-years-old.

"He took away her childhood, everything you know?" said the father. "Who knows how she's going to act from now on." This father said he was filled with rage and took the law into his own hands. "Whatever I did, I did and I got no regrets for it," he said. The father faces aggravated assault and burglary charges. ..more.. : by Courtney Zubowski / 3TV Reporter

3-15-2007 Arizona: Police say dad beat suspected assailant

.A Mesa father who said he had just learned his teenage daughter was sexually assaulted two years ago went to a man's house Thursday, kicked in the door and beat him with his fists, police records show. Police arrested the 34-year-old father on suspicion of aggravated assault and burglary, records show. The father's name is being withheld by The Mesa Republic to protect the identity of his daughter.

Officers were called to a home in the 800 block of South Alma School Road about an assault. En route, officers found a vehicle matching the description of the father's car and made a traffic stop. The father had blood on his hands and T-shirt, police said. The father told police he went to the man's apartment because his daughter had been sexually assaulted two years ago when she was 12.

He told police he went to the door and knocked, but the man wouldn't answer so he kicked it down and "did his business," police records show. The man suffered minor cuts to his head and face. Police are investigating the alleged assault on the girl. ..more.. : by Senta Scarborough

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