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Offender Says He Was Beaten Because Of Megan's Law

8-22-2006 California:

.SACRAMENTO The Megan's law website is designed to keep the public safe from sex offenders. Now, one of those offenders is saying that same site is the reason he's now the victim of a brutal beating. The teens screamed at him again a few days ago. The offender, and now victim we'll call mike, says he kept walking.

Then, Monday in broad daylight, 'Mike' comes out and sees these same two kids. Only this time, they have a baseball bat. Mike spent nine hours in the E.R., getting 15 stitches in his head. The bat busted his lip and knocked out a tooth - vigilante justice for a crime mike says he never committed.

"That's not what I'm on Megan's Law for. Nothing to do with child molestation,” says Mike. Looking up the midtown zip code 95816, you'll find 36 registered sex offenders. Mike's on the site for an attempted rape he says happened 20 years ago while he was in college.

But, Mike says he's never touched a kid, but he'd love to get his hands on the teens he says attacked him. "If I would've had a knife I would've stabbed them. I would've killed them - bottom line," says Mike. ..more.. : by CBS13

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