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Police: Man Beaten After Allegedly Molesting Child

5-18-2005 Michigan:

.YPSILANTI, Mich. -- A man was arraigned from his hospital bed on Tuesday after he was beaten in what police say may have been a revenge attack. Isiah Woods was charged with domestic violence and second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Woods is accused of beating his girlfriend and sexually assaulting her 8-month-old daughter at an apartment in Ypsilanti on Sunday. After the woman fled the apartment with the child, neighbors said some of her family members came to the apartment and beat the man in the head with a gun, the station reported.

"I just heard glass breaking and I heard a young lady saying, 'That's what he get. That's what he get,'" said Threta Wilson, a neighbor. Woods' friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said he thinks the woman lied to authorities when she said that the man attacked her and her child.

"They came up with that lie to cover up kicking in the two doors to beat him with a pistol," Woods' friend said. : by Click on Detroit ..more..

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