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Protest sign must go

3-9-2005 Oregon:
.A local man's protest sign against some residents of the Winston House, a home for mentally disabled adults, will have to be removed within 10 days, the city has declared. Steve Perry, who lives next door to the home at 91 N.E. Ronald St., put up a sign on his front lawn with the words "Sex Offenders" with a slash over the words to protest the home where he believes two sex offenders live.

The Oregon State Police could not confirm the presence of registered sex offenders living at that address, but the city has verified that two group home members are sex offenders. However, the sign violates a city ordinance that allows only business, sale and advertisement signs in residential zones, said Winston City Administrator David Van Dermark. If he does not take the sign down, Perry will have to pay a $1,500 fee for violating the ordinance. : by JULIANA RENNO ..more..

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