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Sex-offender mixup tags wrong JC house

7-6-2004 New York:

Property egged after residents were notified

Police patrolled a village neighborhood Monday night after someone egged a house that state criminal justice officials wrongly identified as the address of a high-risk, convicted sex offender. "We just want to let people know it's a safe neighborhood," Mayor Harry G. Lewis said late Monday about the increased police presence in the village's North Side.

"Some people got bent out of shape evidently and egged the house." ... Lewis said police think the house was targeted because the state Division of Criminal Justice Services had alerted the village Friday that a Level 3 sex offender moved into the property.

According to state classifications, Level 3 is a high-risk offender. ... After going door-to-door Friday to alert neighbors to the offender, village police had to rush back Sunday to retract the mistaken information.

But it was too late to divert someone's dislike for convicted sex offenders, Lewis said. "I would hate to think anything more would happen, but you never know," he said. ..more.. : by William Moyer

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