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Sex offender’s home vandalized

9-28-2006 Ohio:

.ELYRIA — Vandals targeted the Elyria home of a registered sex offender on Sunday, spray-painting an epithet on the garage door and vandalizing at least seven cars in the same area, police said. “Rapist Blood gang” was spray-painted in large, white lettering on the Rosewood Drive home where Glen Perine, 51, lives with his mother, Laura Perine, 77, according to an Elyria police report.

Perine — a registered sex offender who served 12 years for rape — was released from prison last week and has since been staying at the home, said Laura Perine. Laura said the garage was painted sometime Sunday afternoon. “(Glen) came out and saw it and said, ‘Oh, mama, come and see what they’ve done,’ ” Laura said. “It tears the heart out of me. I don’t see how much more I can take.”

Glen Perine was taken by ambulance to a local hospital Monday night after suffering heart problems, Laura Perine said. “I think it’s from all this,” she said, pointing at the graffiti on her garage door. “All hell has broken loose since he’s been back.” Laura, whose husband died in March, said she and her family have lived at the Rosewood Drive home for 47 years.

Glen Perine is one of five registered sex offenders within a mile of that area, according to the county sheriff’s Web site. The four others live on Sandalwood Drive, Hartford Drive, Whitman Boulevard and Georgetown Avenue. Lorain County sheriff’s deputies last week placed fliers around the neighborhood alerting residents of Perine’s status as a sex offender.

Officers also found at least seven cars that had been spray-painted in the Rosewood Drive area on Sunday, the police report stated. “BLOOD” was painted on one car, while it appeared vandals applied a single, broad stripe of paint down the sides of the other cars, the report said. In addition, the words “BLOOD CK” was spray-painted on a residence on North Abbe Road, while the initials “CK” were spray-painted on a number of trees in that area, the report said. ..more.. : by Shawn Foucher

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