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Sexual predator beaten by suspecting men

10-19-2005 Florida:

.Eight Jacksonville men took justice into their own hands by severely beating a sexual predator who they thought had set his sights on a 12 year old. After two nights in the hospital John Childers is still in a lot of pain. He has a neck brace, stitches and bruises all over his face. Yet you won't find much sympathy for this beaten up man in his neighborhood; because Childers is a registered sexual predator, a title police reports say prompted the attack.

The 45 year old is now on probation after going to prison for lewd and lascivious acts on a child. He lives in a half-way house for sexual offenders and predators in a Springfield neighborhood. One mother of three lives next door to the house, and has Childers’ pictures along with the other offenders that call the halfway house home.

She says she's basically given up on the neighborhood. “I’ve got my house up for sale right now because I'm sick of it,” she says. Attorney Jenna Lopes helps prisoners re-enter society. It’s a job that has been made tougher in Jacksonville because of new laws that increase predators buffer zones from 1000 feet to 25 hundred feet.

Lopes says all of the people in the halfway house, including Childers, are in treatment programs. They have curfews and get checked on more than once a week. She also claims they are the least likely to strike again. “If somebody is going to harm a child, they aren't going to register,” says Lopes. ..more.. : by Clear Channel Television-Jacksonville

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