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Stabbed inmate shared space with his attacker, official says

7-7-2005 Kansas:
.There were no cameras or guards watching when 26-year-old inmate Jason S. Olson was stabbed repeatedly at the Sedgwick County Jail Tuesday night. A guard heard Olson calling for help through the intercom and went to his aid after the attack was over, around 9 p.m. There was no condition report available on Olson Wednesday. He was in a Wichita hospital and was awake and cooperating with police, a jail official said.

Sheriff's Maj. Robert Hinshaw, jail administrator, said that because Olson lived in a "housing pod" with only 11 other inmates, it wasn't difficult to pin down who did the stabbing. He thinks investigators know who is responsible for using a sharp metal object, possibly part of a mop or television stand, to stab Olson in his upper torso. The suspected inmate's name is expected to be released today, after charges are filed.

He was moved to a different part of the jail following Tuesday's incident. It is unclear whether Olson's charges of molesting a child played any part in the stabbing. : by LILLY ROCKWELL, The Wichita Eagle ..more..

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