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Suspects charged in revenge arson

9-15-2006 Oklahoma:

.NICOMA PARK, Okla. -- A man was severely beaten and burned. During the attack the man was nearly set on fire. The suspects believed the man had molested several children. They beat him and then used an acetylene torch as they tried to set his penis on fire. Beyond a well-protected gate sits a single mobile home where police say the two suspects acted-out an unthinkable crime. "I mean it's one of those things you just can't believe," says Eric Crews of the Nicoma Park Police.

Police are still shocked by what they found. They say Doyle Vinson and Lee Murphy beat up Murphy's 24-year-old step-son inside the trailer. Then, while one guarded the door, the other fired up a blow torch and burned the man's penis twice. According to court papers the two suspects became furious after they learned the step-son had allegedly molested Vinson's 17-month-old baby girl in front of the child's 13-year-old brother. Officer Crews says, "That he had masturbated and ejaculated into a pair of ladies panties in front of these kids."

Police turned over their evidence to the Oklahoma County District Attorney. Vinson and Murphy now face several counts, including first degree arson, but the man accused of molestation will not stand trial. It's one of the reasons why Attorney Mike Gassaway is so upset. He is representing Doyle Vinson. Gassaway says, "If it happened exactly the way the police department and Nicoma Park says it happened. My guy has done nothing more than protect his family and send a message to the community; the community of perverts."

Gassaway claims the DA's office has its priorities mixed up. "I've never heard a district attorney's officer say I'm not going to prosecute a guy who's confessed to molestation and I'm going to charge a guy with arson for blow torching the pervert's penis," Gassaway says. The DA stands behind the decision. They say both children were taken to children's hospital for a full evaluation. Officer Eric Crews says, "There was no evidence of any type of molestation on the children."

In fact, police say it was Vinson and his wife who lied to police and when they interviewed the couple's 13-year-old son about the alleged incident, something wasn't right. "The 13-year-old was being persuaded to tell the story by the parents," Crews says. The two suspects, the victim, and the two children lived under the same roof inside that mobile home. Vinson and Murphy are charged with arson, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Vinson's children are now living with their grandparents. As for the man who was beaten and burned authorities say he has the mind of a 13-year-old. He spent three days in ICU and was recently released from the hospital. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery. ..more.. : by SCOTT HINES

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