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Woman Charged in Alleged Verbal Assault Against Sex Offender

2-13-2007 California:

.A Central Coast mother gets into a public dispute with a convicted child molester. Now she's being charged with a crime. Police say the incident involves LeeAnn Gilhousen, a Paso Robles mother of four. It also involves 53-year-old Robert Walker, who is listed on the Megan's Law Web site as a convicted child molester.

Gilhousen is charged with one misdemeanor count for disturbing the peace with offensive words. Action News reporter Andrew Masuda spoke with both parties. He's live with this Action News exclusive. This has quickly turned into a situation of "He Said, She Said." Gilhousen says she was scared while being confronted by a sex offender. Walker says she is using his past as an excuse.

"I recognized him right away from his posters at the schools," Gilhousen tells Action News. This gas station at the corner of Spring and 24th Streets in Paso Robles is where LeeAnn Gilhousen recognized convicted child molester Robert Walker last December. The mother of three young daughters says she became frightened as Walker approached her after she honked at his direction.

"I said, 'Get away from me, you child molester!' And everybody looked," says Gilhousen. "That was at the gas pumps. They looked at him and they looked at me. And he said, 'I'm calling the police.'" Police arrived and investigated. ...more... by Andrew Masuda

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