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Harassment, Stalking, and Other Laws

Generally folks on the registry or their family, when being targeted by someone in the community, do not know where to turn, the answer is the police.

However, we have received several reports that the police say, there is nothing that can be done, or will refuse to take a complaint. Occassionaly, folks are told, go to the people who run the registry, who then say, go back to the police, a spin job. No one cares, which is true but that doesn't solve a registrant's problem about being targeted.

The problem is, there is no system to document problems folks are having. There is an answer though, but the police will not be happy when you go to them and demand to file a complaint. Yes, you will likely have to demand to file a complaint, and may even have to ask for a supervisor, which did happen in one state.

The laws that folks need to rely on are shown below, state by state, use them even if it only means the harasser (vigilante) will only be charged with a misdemeanor. Always add to the complaint that you believe you were targeted because you, or a family member, is a registrant on the state's sex offender registry.

Demand that be included on the complaint as facts relevant to the complaint. Remember this, if judges see it enough, they too do not want to be dealing with these types of complaints, VIGLANTE type, so they are going to CRACKDOWN on the offender (your harasser), sentence them to the max. whatever it is. Recognize the word CRACKDOWN, use it whenever need be.

My RANT: When Congress wrote the Adam Walsh Act, behind closed doors, they FORCED states to make the penalty for "Failure to Register," a felony. However, they failed to recognize, that most folks who fail to register, do so because, they suffer various forms of harassment or worse by registering.

Congress then adds a menial requirement for states to post a "Public Warning Message" about harassing registrants (and ignored their families in the message). Congress DID NOTHING about creating a new crime with severe punishments for those of the public that harass folks on the registry, or their families. Congress showed its colors by their action and inaction!

Use the laws below, file complaints with the police, including if it is the police harassing you (we have several of these complaints already). For now, Good Luck. Keep us advised.

One important note, two states (California and New Jersey) have special laws that prevent various forms of discrimination against those on the registry. These are in addition to what is shown below. Unfortunately other states don't seem to care what happens.

The following list of laws we have found, and is not intended to be every law that can be used, so if you know of any more, please let us know so we may include it on the list so other folks are helped. With that said, the list:

Temporarily, please see the laws attached to each state in our old system. These will be transferred here soon!

In addition, we are in the process of developing a Registrant Complaint System which we hope every state will accept.


Again, the list is possibly missing some laws, so as you find them, please let us know to update list for other folks.

Thank you,

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