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How well does Idaho protect registered sex offenders (RSOs) and their families?

********* Section A: Federal Law Requires: *********
Congress through the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) requires states to have a "Public Warning Message" to protect registrants and their families. Also required is, a "Method of Correcting" erroneous registry information. See the following from Sec. 118(e)(f) of AWA:
Public Warning Message: Method of Correction
"Sec 118(f) Warning- The site shall include a warning that information on the site should not be used to unlawfully injure, harass, or commit a crime against any individual named in the registry or residing or working at any reported address. The warning shall note that any such action could result in civil or criminal penalties." AWA "Sec 118(e) Correction of Errors- The site shall include instructions on how to seek correction of information that an individual contends is erroneous." AWA

Idaho SO Registry showed the following (4-20-07):
Public Warning: Method of Correction
"The information in the sex offender registries is provided only for the purpose of protecting the public. It is not to be used for the purpose of harassing or intimidating anyone. A person who uses registry information to commit a criminal act againt another person is subject to arrest and prosecution under section 18-8326 or 18-8413, Idaho Code."  "Notice of Corrections."No Method of Correction"

Clearly, "Out of Compliance" with the Adam Walsh Act.

********* Section B: What Has Happened? *********
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Cases of harm to vigilantism (Updated automatically)

These folks were murdered (Updated automatically)

These folks committed suicide (Updated automatically)

Have you been targeted by someone in the community?

If so, do you know the laws? If not List of Harassment/Stalking Laws.

********** Section C: What are they saying? **********

Check to see if your lawmakers or public speakers have made comments about registered offenders: CLICK (Please forward new comments that you find)

******** Section D: How many RSOs are there? ********

Idaho Population and Density Statistics:
RSOsSourceDatePopulationSourceRSOs per People
2,870NCMEC11-14-061,466,465US Census1 per 510

RSOsLand Area
Sq Miles
Pop Density
Sq Mile
RSO Density
Sq Mile

Those are pure mathematical calculations, if the state has residency or bus stop type laws, the actual "RSO Density/Sq Mile" will be incorrect. Some areas will be lower (likely where the rich and powerful leaders live), while other areas will be MUCH HIGHER (low income with little political say)!

Now, we must never forget what happened in Georgia, when, due to residency and bus stop laws, which limited available housing for RSOs, the Edenfields were forced to reside together, and resulted in tragedy, a little boy was murdered.

Are we done? No, see the number of RSOs according to NCMEC, do you think it is correct? Read this Double, triple, quadruple counting of RSOs and please do not forget to read the article "Ghosts in the Machine" (if you haven't already) before you answer the following.

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