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Police Put Shooting Investigation on Hold

11-9-2007 West Virginia:

WHEELING — Until investigators are confident in his story, Wheeling police won’t be searching for the person who shot city resident Courtney Lee Baylor, who is listed on the state’s sex offender registry.

Wheeling police Sgt. John Burke on Thursday said the investigation into Baylor’s Oct. 30 shooting is considered inactive. The 26-year-old resident of 78 Main St. walked into the emergency room of the Ohio Valley Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the back. He initially claimed he was shot on Chapline Street near West Virginia Northern Community College, where he is a student.

Burke said Baylor offered investigators multiple accounts of the shooting. He also said there are no suspects in the case because Baylor won’t cooperate. According to the sergeant, the investigation will remain inactive until Baylor works with police.

‘‘We gave him the benefit of the doubt too long,’’ Burke said. ‘‘The investigators are just pulling their hair out. We don’t believe he was shot where he said he was shot. He knows more than he’s letting on. He has given three locations, and we don’t believe it was any of the three.’’

Burke said Baylor has been released from OVMC, but investigators are not aware of his whereabouts. According to the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry, Baylor served a two-and-half-year prison term after being convicted in 2003 of third-degree sexual assault. The female victim was a juvenile at the time. The registry lists her as an acquaintance of Baylor. ..more.. by GABE WELLS

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