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CA- 60 protest at sex offenders' home

In violation of the state's registry law these people protest, and police do nothing: "290.46(l) (1) A person is authorized to use information disclosed pursuant to this section only to protect a person at risk. (2) Except as authorized under paragraph (1) or any other provision of law, use of any information that is disclosed pursuant to this section for purposes relating to any of the following is prohibited: (A) Health insurance. (B) Insurance. (C) Loans. (D) Credit. (E) Employment. (F) Education, scholarships, or fellowships. (G) Housing or accommodations. (H) Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business establishment."

4-27-2008 California:

About 60 people protested outside a residential care facility near Gardena on Saturday where organizers say several sex offenders have been living.

Although the home's operators are not breaking any laws, critics say the home is too close to family homes in the 15000 block of Sandel Avenue.

"My grandmother lives there," said Jasmine Cannick, who grew up in the the unincorporated area east of Gardena. "She was concerned. She's 87. I'm concerned for her."

Cannick said the house was put up for sale about a year ago, and someone recently leased it and turned it into a boarding facility earlier this year.

"The problem is they have six people living there, and they never informed the neighborhood."

A couple of Los Angeles sheriff's deputies were on hand, but there was no trouble at the protest, Cannick said.

"It was good because even in 90-degree weather, you had seniors out there," Cannick said. "The neighborhood doesn't want them. Something needs to be put on the books on how to notify people."

Cannick said that while the home is not near a school or park, having sex offenders live there is not appropriate because most of the residents are elderly or have children.

"It's prime pickings for people who want to establish a group home. But you have people raising families. Kids are always outside playing."

A similar protest occurred last month at a Carson hotel where about 30 paroled sex offenders had moved.

That group demanded that state officials remove the men from the house.

A March Daily Breeze investigation revealed that state officials had been housing the offenders at the 60-unit Carson Plaza Hotel because it meets Jessica's Law requirements that they live at least 2,000 feet from parks, residences and schools.

The state paid $80 a day to the hotel manager for renters to stay at the facility.

At the March protest, Carson Councilman Mike Gipson said he wanted every sex offender to leave town.

"They won't do this in Beverly Hills. It won't happen in Simi Valley," Gipson said.

"We don't want them in our city." ..more.. by Josh Grossberg, Staff Writer

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