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WI- Prosecutors Charge Mother Over Stabbing of Sex Assault Suspect

8-27-2007 Wisconsin:

Prosecutors in Sheboygan County have filed a misdemeanor charge against a mother who stabbed a teenager after he was caught sexually assaulting the woman's 8-year-old daughter.

Click Here to read the criminal complaint ***WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT***

According to a criminal complaint, the mother readily admitted to authorities that she stabbed the 17-year-old. According to the complaint, the mother, her boyfriend, another friend and her nephew were staying at her apartment along with two of her children. At some point, the mother, her boyfriend and other friend left to go to a food mart, leaving the nephew with the children.

When they returned, they found the nephew in the room with the children. He was engaged in a lewd act in front of the girl, who was partially naked. The friend says he became enraged and grabbed the nephew, throwing him to the floor. He began to punch and kick the nephew. At some point, someone got a knife, but it was not used at that point.

The mother apparently later used the knife to stab the 17-year-old nephew. But she didn't stab him until after her daughter was safe.

In a statement, Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco says, "On the one hand, you have an obviously distraught mother reacting to the news that her daughter was sexually assaulted. On the other, you have the fact that the nephew was stabbed after the child was safe, after he had been beaten by the mother's friend who discovered the act and after the mother had called police and had taken the knife away from her friend. This appears to be retaliation or revenge and is simply unacceptable under the law."

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DeCecco says he's not seeking jail time for the mother, but he believes a misdemeanor conviction is appropriate.

The 17-year-old has not been charged yet, but DeCecco plans to file charges against him as well.

We are not identifying the mother in an effort to protect the child's identity.

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