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PA- Child rapist Feigley returns to Harrisburg home

8-18-2008 Pennsylvania:

Convicted child rapist George Feigley was greeted by protesters in front of his Harrisburg home when he arrived there shortly after 6:30 p.m. Friday, about nine hours after he was released from the state Correctional Institution at Laurel Highlands in Somerset County. He was set free at 9 a.m.

Protesters pointed Feigley out when he was seen in the front passenger seat of a gold Saturn station wagon as it passed his Derry Street home. Many of the protesters, mostly children, followed the car as it turned onto South 13th Street and then turned right onto Thompson Street, a small street behind Feigley's home.

Feigley and his female driver were able to drive up their driveway after two Harrisburg police officers helped to clear a path between the protesters.

Police know this protest violates the registry law and they do nothing.

Earlier in the day, about a dozen people -- and several news crews -- were staked out at 13th and Derry streets, to see when Feigley would return to his home in the neighborhood.

Feigley, 68, is a convicted sex offender who ran a school that authorities called a sex cult, which he started in the early 1970s in his Derry Street home. It's the same house to which he plans to move after his release from prison.

Feigley, who raped three girls, not only is free, but he is also free from monitoring. That means no probation or parole, and no Megan's Law, even though authorities still consider him to pose a danger to the public.

Angel Fox, who would be Feigley's next-door neighbor, organized today's protest along with a petition drive to prevent his return. She learned about Feigley from an article in Sunday's Patriot-News.

Authorities say they can't keep Feigley in prison or restrict where he lives.

"It's been affecting me since I read about what he did," Fox said this week, echoing comments from several neighbors. "I mean, what happens when I'm not at home? Do I have to worry about what's happening with my kids? I have to try to do something."

At the protest, people passed out literature about how to avoid being a victim of a sexual crime and carried signs saying, among other things, "Don't let him hurt again." The protest was quiet and peaceful, with participants talking among themselves and to passers-by, with police officers patrolling.

Among those joining the protest were Jennifer Storm, executive director of the Dauphin County Victim/Witness Assistance Program, and Tina L. Nixon from the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg. They said they were on hand to support Fox and the community. ..News Source.. by The Patriot-News

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