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NY- After two fires in three days, homeowner says he's "a target"

9-6-2008 New York:

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Mohawk man says that after two fires on his property in just three days, and a police investigation into those fires ongoing, he feels as though he is being targeted.

Herkimer County fire investigators have ruled both fires at 30 North Street - one that occurred on Tuesday afternoon to a storage shed, and early Thursday morning to a house - as suspicious.

Lloyd Strobeck owns the home on 30 North Street in Mohawk, which has several bedrooms. Living by himself, Strobeck rents out the spare bedrooms in his house to other people. However, Strobeck says he is worried because of the types of people he rents to - former prison inmates - and he is afraid that it could lead to more attacks on his property.

Neighbors in the area were concerned about the clients Strobeck was renting to, and then rumors started swirling that Strobeck was set to take in a Level Three sex offender.

"I'm working within the law," said Strobeck. "I'm not doing anything illegal."

Strobeck says he has heard several complaints from his neighbors on North Street, and even some threats. While he says that will not stop who he takes in, he says two fires in three days will.

"I'm 80 years old and after having been in this business for 43 years, I think it is time that I can go around without being harassed all the time", Strobeck said.

Several of Strobeck's neighbors declined to comment Friday night.

"If you don't try to help somebody and fail that's different," Strobeck said in regards to those he rents to. "But if you try and can do's worth it." ..News Source.. by PAT BAILEY

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Anonymous said...

MOHAWK, N.Y, Is the Home for two of the worst prisons for sex offenders in the state, Onieda and Mohawk Correctional Facilities. They have upfront information obtained by inside employee, that work for The Division of Parole as well as Corrections top brass. This is a Matter to be investigated by the U.S. Attorney Gernerals office and Civil Rights charges should be filed against anyone found to be responsable. Let hope that a group of these offenders don't get fed up and become Vigilante's themselves.

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