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IL- Flier ID's Innocent Man As Sex Offender

6-14-2007 Illinois:

GENEVA, Ill. - A flier distributed in this western suburb of Chicago calls a real estate agent a sex offender when the man actually has no criminal record, authorities said.

Charles Bowgren, 53, was visiting his father in the hospital earlier this week when he learned about the flier that identified him as a sex offender. His daughter called him after a neighbor brought over the flier, which has an apparently doctored logo of the state Department of Corrections along with his photo and home address. It was sent to Bowgren's neighbors and his co-workers at a ReMax in the nearby suburb of St. Charles.

"What more can go wrong in one day?" Bowgren said Wednesday. "Obviously, it's all a fraud."

Geneva Police Commander Joe Frega said the flier looks like a total fabrication. He said police haven't yet determined a motive.

"I would guess there was malicious intent," Frega said. "If it's a joke, it's not very funny."

Bowgren, who lives with his daughter and granddaughter, called the incident "nerve-wracking" but said his neighbors are rallying behind him.

Jodi Ladron De Guevara, a neighbor who received the flier, called it "a very cruel joke."

"I've known Chuck for four years," she said. "He's a great humanitarian. He's a great guy." ..News Source.. by

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