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IN- 'Child molester lives here' spray-painted on man's fence

Really smart reporting, explaining to whoever, he you got the wrong house, its a few houses away...

3-16-2009 Indiana:

Graffiti discovered on an Evansville man's fence Sunday morning suggested falsely that a child molester lives at his residence.

Roy Hall reported the graffiti on his fence at 1305 W. Virginia St. about 9:30 a.m. According to an Evansville Police Department report, it read: "A child molester lives here!"

Hall's son reportedly walked by the fence around midnight, at which point it had not yet been spray-painted.

No suspects have been identified.

According to the Indiana Sex Offender registry, no offenders reside at Hall's address. A convicted child molester does live on the same block in a different house, according to the registry. ..News Source.. by Staff Report

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