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Robbery suspect admits to assaulting sex offenders in Grover Beach

4-28-2010 California:

A man shot and wounded by a Grover Beach police officer last Friday morning may have been involved in a self-styled vigilante spree, targeting convicted sex offenders posted on the Megan’s Law website.

Police believe David Jordan Griffin, 24, who was arrested for allegedly robbing the Kautz Chevron station on Grand Avenue on Friday with a machete, may be linked to other crimes earlier in the week.

On Thursday, April 22, two separate incidents occurred within a half hour of each other in Grover Beach.

A young man, matching Griffin’s description, first attempted to confront the occupant of a residence on Longbranch Ave. He knocked on a door and asked for a man by name.

The occupant of the home, a registered sex offender, explained that the man he was asking for did not live at the residence. Griffin began to walk away while allegedly reading a printed list from the Megan’s Law website.

He quickly came back and began kicking the door, calling the victim explicit swear words and a sex offender.

While the door was damaged, the victim was not injured.

A half hour later, a second victim walked into a burglary in progress on N. 16th Street. Griffin hit the victim, who was using his right arm to block the blow, in the forearm with a hammer and also kicked and punched him.

Both victims in the case positively identified Griffin.

Grover Beach Police believe Griffin was selecting his victims by going down the list of sex offenders posted on the California Megan’s Law website.

“We don’t have a complete motive as to why, except for the obvious financial gain,” said Grover Beach Chief of Police Jim Copsey. “We are just happy he is in custody.”

Griffin was shot Friday morning by Grover Beach Police Lt. John Peters, a 15-year police veteran. Five shots were fired; one hit Griffin in the leg.

Following his arrest, Griffin allegedly made numerous statements that he hated sex offenders and admitted he had attempted to burglarized the two homes and had beat up the victim. Detectives later found stolen property in Griffin’s house.

Additional charges will be filed against Griffin including assault, trespassing, vandalism, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon. ..Source..

Man Accused of Attacking Sex Offenders Found Mentally Incompetent

6-10-2010 California:

Grover Beach, CA -- A man accused of tracking down and attacking sex offenders and robbing a gas station was found to be mentally incompetent. 24-year-old David Griffin is expected to be placed in Atascadero State Hospital. County health officials will prepare a report to determine if Griffin can be treated outside the hospital. According to the Tribune, a hearing on the county report is scheduled for June 21.

Griffin is accused of carrying a machete into a Chevron station on Grand Ave. in Grover Beach in April, and stealing money and lottery tickets. When officers arrived, he tried to get away. In doing so, he allegedly backed a car toward officers before being shot in the leg by Grover Beach Police Lt. John Peters.

A day earlier, Griffin allegedly attacked a man he found on California's Megan’s Law sex-offender registry. Until Griffin is deemed mentally competent, criminal court proceedings have been suspended. ..Source.. King Harris

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