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Father Accused of Murder For Hire Plot

Police will go to any extent to protect the registry! Its hard to believe the police saying "they do not know if the fact that the boyfriend is a registrant, is the reason" when that is specifically stated in the flyer...

3-26-2011 California:

SPRING VALLEY - A Spring Valley father is behind bars for a murder for hire plot. The target - - his daughter's boyfriend.

La Mesa police say 50-year old Dominigos Oliveira somehow posted flyers at Grossmont College. The flyer reads 3-thousand dollar reward for the body of convicted sex offender.

Oliveira's 19-year old daughter is going out with one. Detectives say it seems Oliveira wanted the boyfriend taken out.

Domingos Oliveira's, neighbors and friends, know him as an entrepenuer skilled in candlemaking. La Mesa police say the 50-year old Spring Valley man was looking for the skills of a brash hit man.

Vern Howe is Oliveira's neighbor. He said, "I can't believe that he would carry that out."

Howe has called Oliveira "neighbor" for the past ten years. Friday morning La Mesa police stormed a house where Oliveira lives.

Howe said, "I think it was mostly anger probably. Anger sometimes if you get into it alot will probably cloud your judgement."

The target -- a 33-year old convicted sex offender dating Oliveira's 19-year old daughter.

Detectives say the two alerted police of Oliveira's threat. The 50-year old posted flyers all around Grossmont College.

Lt. Dan Willis with La Mesa Police said, "We don't know all the specifics. We do know the boyfriend is a sex registrant. Out of the city of El Cajon. We don't know if that's the reason." ..Source.. by Antonio Castelan

Man convicted of offering bounty for daughter's sex offender boyfriend

7-1-2011 California:

EL CAJON (CNS) - A Spring Valley man was convicted Friday of solicitation of murder for offering a $3,000 "dead or alive" bounty on his daughter's boyfriend, a registered sex offender.

Domingos Jose Oliveira, 49, was also convicted of making a criminal threat against his daughter's boyfriend, 33-year-old Sean Kirk, along with a hate crime allegation. Jurors deadlocked on a threat charge against the defendant's daughter.

Oliveira faces up to 12 years and eight months in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 1, said Deputy District Attorney Curtis Ross.

Kirk told police he received numerous threatening emails and text messages while dating 20-year-old Samantha Oliveira earlier this year.

The victim said he was in class at Grossmont College when a teacher told him there were posters all over campus marked "dead or alive," and pointing out that he was a sex offender.

Kirk admitted to being a registered sex offender, saying he pleaded guilty to having sex with a girl he thought was 18.

Samantha Oliveira testified that her father was a racist and often made threats against her boyfriends.

Oliveira was arrested the morning of March 25th at his home, several hours after a search warrant was served at the Roadside Place residence, according to La Mesa police.

Police said they found the wanted poster on the defendant's computer. ..Source.. by 760 Talk Radio

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