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Oklahoma City man had RAPEST tattooed on forehead by attackers

5-3-2011 Oklahoma:

Four people being held in jail. More arrests possible, police say.

An Oklahoma City man had RAPEST tattooed on his forehead during an attack in April and then was left for dead at a Del City lake, police said.

Four suspects are being held in the Oklahoma County jail. Del City police said more arrests are possible.

Stetson Johnson, 18, was shocked with a stun gun twice in the genitals during the tattooing, police said. He was forcibly restrained at a house in southeast Oklahoma City while a tattoo artist from Texas tattooed RAPEST on his forehead and, “I like little boys,” on his chest, police said.

At the lake, he was beaten with a baseball bat, police said.

In jail are Richard Lynn Dellert, 31, of Irving, Texas; Zachary Chase Provence, 21, of Midwest City; Kimberly Sue Vergara, 25, of Midwest City, and Lorena Amanda Hodges, 33, of Oklahoma City.

Johnson said he doesn't know why he was attacked. He spent days in intensive care at an Oklahoma City hospital.

He said he had recently become friends with Vergara. Police said he was attacked at Hodge's mother's house.

He had a bar code tattooed on his forehead to cover up RAPEST, which apparently is a misspelling of the word “rapist." ..Source.. by Nolan Clay

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