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Inmate cuts throat of another in shaving incident

2-13-2012 Louisiana:

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating an incident Friday at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison when one inmate cut another inmate’s throat with a razor, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said.

The victim told deputies inmate Dustin Musso, 31, agreed to shave the victim’s neck while Musso stood inside a cell and the victim stood outside it, Casey Rayborn Hicks said.

She did not identify the victim.

Deputies had given the victim a razor because it was time for inmates to shower and perform general hygiene. The victim was supposed to return the razor when he was finished, Hicks said. But instead, the victim gave the razor to Musso so Musso could shave him.

Hicks said she did not know why the victim agreed to be shaved.

As he finished shaving the victim’s neck through the cell bars, Musso grabbed the victim and sliced his throat after breaking the razor and taking the blade out, Hicks said.

Musso yelled, “I’m trying to rid the world of child molesters” after he cut the victim, who is being held on molestation counts, Hicks said.

The victim was taken to Earl K. Long Medical Center where he received several stitches on the right side of his neck, Hicks said.

Musso spit on two detectives when they tried to question him about the cutting, Hicks said.

Musso, who was booked with attempted second-degree murder and two counts of battery on an officer after the incident, was in Parish Prison in the slaying of his grandfather, Hicks said. ..Source.. by Advocate staff report

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