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6 plead guilty to beating man with hammer

4-20-2011 Pennsylvania:

A Latrobe woman, her mother and four men pleaded guilty on Friday to charges they broke into a man's home and beat him with a claw hammer.

Police said Felisha Hardison, 25, told her mother and a group of men that she was raped by 25-year-old Cody Wightman. That report led to their driving to Wightman's home, kicking in his door, punching and kicking him and finally hitting him with a claw hammer.

In court yesterday, Hardison, along with Brian Lehman Jr., Justin Libengood, Steven M. Kozemchak, Daniel Robert Chew Jr. and Hardison's mother, Judith Lundgren, pleaded guilty to charges related to the April 18, 2010, incident.

According to court records, police said Hardison and her mother picked up the men and drove them to Wightman's home. The women sat in a minivan during the assault and were charged as accomplices.

"(Wightman's) injuries were limited to a cut on his head that required some stitches, and some bruises," said Assistant District Attorney Chris Flanigan, who recommended plea bargains for each of the defendants.

Hardison pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, burglary and aggravated assault, and to charges of filing a false report with police in which she alleged she was sexually assaulted by another man.

Westmoreland County Judge Rita Hathaway sentenced Hardison to serve a sentence of two to four years in prison.

Lehman, 20, and Libengood, 21, both of Latrobe, also were sentenced to two to four years in prison.

Flanigan told the judge that Kozemchak, 21, of Latrobe agreed to cooperate with authorities and in return he received a sentence that requires him to serve one year, less a day, to two years, less a day, in the county jail.

Chew, 22, of Latrobe, was sentenced to serve 11 1/2 to 23 months in jail.

Lundgren, 45, of Latrobe, was sentenced to serve nine to 23 months in jail, but she was given credit for time she already spent behind bars since her arrest last year. She is no longer in custody.

"I made some mistakes and I should have tried to stop it," Lundgren told the judge yesterday.

The cases against two other men are pending. Matthew McBryar, 22, of Greensburg was the first man to confess to police about his involvement in the assault and is scheduled to plead guilty later this month.

Jesse Roberts, 23, of Allegheny Township, was scheduled to plead guilty yesterday, but his case was delayed and has not yet been rescheduled. ..Source.. by Rich Cholodofsky

Latrobe woman, Felisha Hardison, accused of filing false rape report

6-10-2011 Pennsylvania:

A classic false rape story. Five people assault another man that she apparently falsely accused, and the man in the story below was accused over a custody dispute. Anyone want to bet that none of this will hurt her custody case? A man was beaten, and another man was saved by video footage. How much more do men need to see before they will realize they are at risk?

Felisha Hardison, 2 false accusations within a few weeks.

A Latrobe woman, who allegedly instigated an attack on a man she accused of sexual assault, has been charged with falsely accusing another man of raping her weeks earlier.

Felisha Hardison, 24, of 14 W. Harrison Ave., was arraigned yesterday by District Judge Michael Mahady for allegedly filing a false report with Latrobe police on March 31.

Hardison told police she had been raped by a man with whom she has three children. Hardison claimed the man forced her to have sex with him, punched her and choked her, and videotaped the act with his cell phone camera.

The man denied the allegations and said Hardison made the accusations to get custody of one of their children. A review of the cell phone camera footage contradicted Hardison's claims of rape and showed the two had consensual sex, police said.

Hardison was arraigned on the charge yesterday, the same day she and five others faced a preliminary hearing on charges they assaulted another man Hardison had accused of sexual assault.

Those hearings for Hardison, her mother, Judith Lundgren, 44, as well as Brian Lehman Jr., 19, Justin Libengood, 20, Matthew McBryar, 21, and Steven Kozemchak, 20, all of Latrobe, were postponed until a later date.

The six are accused of assaulting Cody Wightman, 25, at his Latrobe residence on April 18 after Hardison said he had sexually assaulted her.

Police allege Hardison and Lundgren drove the men to Wightman's residence, where they kicked him and punched him. Lehman is accused of striking Wightman with a claw hammer.

A new hearing date has not been set. All the defendants, except for McBryar, are being held at the Westmoreland County Prison. ..Source.. by False Rape Society

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