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Cops Indicted For Vigilante Handling Of Halloween Prankster

Anyone other than these two police that would apprehend a 14 year old, take him somewhere else and tell him to strip, would be hung as a sex offender for the rest of their lives, but not these police! So, sex crime or not, love to hear your opinions, post comments.

3-4-2008 New York:

STATEN ISLAND—Two Staten Island police officers from the 120th precinct have been indicted on 33 counts for allegedly dumping a black Halloween prankster in a swamp and then imposing their own form of discipline.

Officers Richard Danese and Thomas Elliassen, both 28, had been arrested in early November, charged with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child and second degree unlawful imprisonment.

The two cops will be arraigned Tuesday on a 33-count indictment handed up Monday, the most serious charge being unlawful imprisonment, a felony which could send both of them to prison for up to four years.

After Danese and Elliassen were told by another police officer that 14-year-old Rayshawn Moreno had been throwing eggs at police cars on Halloween night, they allegedly put the teen in their patrol car, drove him several miles into another precinct, stripped him to his boxer shorts, beat him and left him in a Staten Island swamp.

After the patrol car left, Moreno, a freshman at Port Richmond High School, gathered up his clothes and walked to a nearby mall where he asked a security guard to call his relatives for help.

The officers, both of whom have been with the police department for three years, told their supervisors that they were only trying to scare him and had turned around to find him only minutes after they had left him.

Both officers have been suspended without pay since their arrest and relieved of their guns and badges. ..more.. by North Country Gazette

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