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Halloween Display Sends Message To Child Predators

10-31-2009 Florida:

EUSTIS, Fla. -- A mother in Lake County made an unusual Halloween display in hopes of sending a message to potential child predators.

Everyone who drives by Grove Street near Ward Avenue in Eustis sees what looks like a bloody person hanging from a tree. There is a sign next to the display that reads “Child Molester…What He Deserves.”

Cindy Hood said she was inspired to create the display by the case of the seven-year-old from a Jacksonville suburb, who was kidnapped and murdered last week.

“The Somer Thompson case really just ripped my heart out because I'm a mother of multiples, said Hood.

Hood says she hears of sexual predators taking advantage of children all too often.

I know vigilante justice is not allowed, but this time of year, I think we can get away with it and expressing my opinion and what I really think needs to happen to these predators, said Hood.

There are some people however, who question if it's okay for children to walk down this sidewalk while trick or treating and see the display.

But people who live and work in the neighborhood say having a figure hang from the tree is just fine.

Anthony Nixon works across the street and isn't disturbed by the bloody mannequin dangling by a long rope.

“I think a lot of people think this way…I have no remorse for child molesters. I'm with anything, people coming together to do anything to fight off child molesters. Halloween is for the kids, said Dixon

128 registered sexual offenders or predators live with a five mile area of the display. ..Source.. by

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