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Wayne County family posts sex offender warning signs after claiming neighbor attacked their child

6-21-2011 Ohio:

RITTMAN, Ohio - They are warning signs that have caused quite a stir in the usually quiet town of Rittman.

The signs read, "Beware, a sex offender lives close." Some residents are extremely upset about the signs, urging city officials to have them taken down.

The signs were made out of large pieces of plywood and spray paint by concerned father Mike Sayre.

Sayre made the signs six weeks ago, after he claimed his 8-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by a neighbor. But some residents living near Sayre's home said the signs are creating a panic and are damaging to property values.

"I'm just trying to protect my kids, and other children in the neighborhood," said Sayre. "My signs are 100 percent legal. I don't name anybody, it's a public warning."

Still, some neighbors have turned to the Chippewa Township Trustees, who are now trying to determine if the warning signs are a violation of any township regulations.

Rachelle Sayre supports her husband and the signs posted in all parts of their front and backyard.

"We're trying to warn them, we don't want this to happen to their children," said Sayre. "He could do this to any child in this neighborhood.

5 On Your Side contacted the Wayne County Prosecutor's office, and it has pledged to increase the number of resources committed to the ongoing investigation.

The neighbor involved in this case has been questioned by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, but has not been charged.

Wayne County Children Services is also looking into the case, and is helping the Sayre family with counseling.

The Chippewa Township Trustees still aren't sure if the signs will need to come down.

"It's no different than going to the Wayne County sex offender website and searching for somebody," said Sayre. "I have no plans to take them out of my yard." ..Source.. by Joe Pagonakis,

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