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No place for vigilante justice

1-25-2010 Florida:

VIGILANTE justice, in whatever form it takes, should never be condoned.

The actions of one – or several – people in the hinterland town of Beerwah over the past couple of days should be condemned by everyone living in the area.

The flyers distributed around the town, pinpointing the name and address of a man charged with a child sex offense, were rightfully quickly taken down by police.

However, no matter how fast they were removed, there will be some people who did not know the man’s name who now do and they know an address he sometimes frequents as well.

What must be remembered is that this man has not been proven guilty.

He is still to have his day in court, has yet to enter a plea and, as our laws dictate, is innocent until found otherwise.

Those who produced the flyers and were involved in their distribution are the ones who are guilty in this instance.

The angry Beerwah residents would do well to take notice of the words of Hetty Johnson, from the child sexual abuse victims organisation Bravehearts.

“By naming the person, they are actually doing him a favour,” she told the Daily.

“The man can argue that he wouldn’t be able to get a fair trial.

“It could ruin the whole investigation.”

Sensible and cool heads are needed in this case. ..Source.. by Sunshone Coast

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