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Pedophile Suspect Lured, Beaten By Victims Family

Street justice has got to stop, we have police and laws to handle crimes, vigilantism is plain wrong and these folks need to be charged to set an example, at a minimum...

8-19-2009 California:

A 25-year-old man who allegedly solicited a 14-year-old girl for sex is under arrest after the girl's family got involved and took the law into their own hands, according to authorities.

The Sacramento Police Department says that Christopher Guzman went to Garcia Bend Park on Monday night, believing that he was meeting up with a 14-year-old girl he had met on a social networking website.

"This would've been the first physical contact between the suspect and the victim," said Sacramento Police Department Sgt. Norm Leong.

As Guzman waited in his car, police say five or six of the girl's family members walked up and began attacking him and his vehicle. Guzman tried to drive away, but the family members chased him, forced him out of his car and held him for police, who arrested Guzman but did not detain the relatives.

"[Guzman] was bloody from that," Sgt. Leong said. "We'll review it and see if what they did was reasonable given the circumstances in that they were trying to detain him."

Police said that Guzman was planning to videotape the young girl in a sex act. ..Source.. by David Begnaud See video

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