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Sex offenders landlord slapped with code violations

7-28-2012 Florida:

ORLANDO, Fla. — WFTV learned a landlord who is housing a dozen offenders in Orlando was slapped with code enforcement violations for not having proper permits, among other issues.

Randy Young houses the offenders at two homes along West Concord Street, near Orange Blossom Trail.

He told WFTV's Ryan Hughes he feels he's being targeted because his tenants are sexual offenders.

The modest Orlando neighborhood has seemingly turned into a haven for registered sexual offenders and predators.

Twelve offenders live in two homes alone.

Just last week, Orlando Code Enforcement paid a visit and slapped the homeowners with code violations.

"They're being picked on specifically because of the label of sexual offender," said Young.

Young said he feels his tenants are being targeted after neighbors recently complained about the influx of offenders.

"I actually came there and blocked their entrance and told them they don't have the right to enter. That's correct that they need a search warrant.

But an inspector was in and out of the two houses by the time Young showed up.

He was cited for operating a group housing facility without a permit and having evidence of a group housing facility.

He has until next Friday to fix things, like locks on doors, or he could end up in court.

"What do you make of the violations? Do you consider them a bit ridiculous?" WFTV asked.

"I believe that they would fall under that heading of court cases of triviality," said Young.

One neighbor WFTV talked to who, has a 1-year-old boy, is fine with the offenders living so close.

"If they're here legally then I don't have a problem with them," said neighbor Jibreel Lee.

City code allows no more than five offenders per home, but six live in each, although some consider it temporary residency.

Young operates 10 homes for sex offenders all over Orange County and might open more in the future. ..Source.. by WFTV.com9

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