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Attacks on sex offenders may be connected

11-11-2008 California:

Police say two registered sex offenders living in Mountain View have been targeted for attack in recent weeks, apparently by someone who wants to punish them for their crimes.

In the first incident, a sex offender's home was nearly set on fire by a Molotov cocktail on Oct. 19 before a passerby intervened. In the latest incident, on Nov. 6, a suspect broke into a sex offender's home and hit him several times on the head, causing moderate lacerations that required hospital treatment. In both instances, the attacker made it clear that he was targeting a sex offender, said police spokesperson Liz Wylie.

"He is attacking people because they are sex offenders, which is awful," Wylie said.

Sex offenders are easily tracked because their whereabouts are posted online by law enforcement agencies.

Police are not sure if the two incidents involve the same suspect, but the descriptions from each incident are similar. Police will be releasing a description soon.

Like most of the 80 registered sex offenders in the city, both of the sex offenders in these attacks had been convicted of crimes against children, Wylie said. Each crime happened more than 15 years ago and each of the sex offenders had been law abiding as of late, Wylie said.

Police have not ruled out that the suspect knew the victim in each crime, but the man who was physically beaten said he had "never seen the suspect before in his life and didn't know why he would attack him," Wylie said.

In both instances the suspect is described by police as about six feet tall, in his early 20s and wearing "all dark clothing, including a dark baseball cap." In the first incident he was described by the passerby as Hispanic and weighing about 175 pounds. But in the second the suspect is described as white.

Sex offenders are urged to report suspicious activity to the police at (650) 903-6344.

"Obviously we're concerned sex offenders will be hesitant to come forward," Wylie said. "But we want to encourage them. If anything is out of place, we really want them to call." ..News Source.. by Daniel DeBolt, Mountain View Voice Staff

One Person may be Attacking Sex Offenders in Mountain View

11-7-2008 California:

Police send letters to all sex offenders after two are attacked

Mountain View police said someone is attacking registered sex offenders in the city and the attacks may be related.

Two crimes against sex offenders have taken place in the past month.

Detectives described the attacks as similar.

The first crime occurred on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008, at 9:39 a.m., at an apartment complex on the west side of the city, officers said.

A witness saw a man carrying a bat and placing a Molotov cocktail-type device at the front door of a registered sex offender.

When confronted by the witness, the man indicated he was targeting the person living in the apartment due to the fact that he was sex offender.

The suspect took the device and left the scene.

Patrol units were unable to locate the suspect but they did locate evidence of two Molotov cocktails in the area.

The man was described by the witness as being a Hispanic, in his 20’s, approximately 6 feet tall and wearing all dark clothing, including a dark baseball cap.

The second attack occurred at 7:15 a.m. on Nov. 6, 2008, in the northern section of Mountain View.

A man armed with a wooden stick forced his way into the front door of the victim’s home.

The man attacked the victim by hitting him multiple times about the head, causing moderate injuries, officers said.

The man indicated to the victim that he was attacking him due to his status as a sex offender.

The man fled the scene and was not located, officers said.

He was described as white, in his 20’s, approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 170-175 pounds.

The man was wearing all dark clothing including a dark baseball cap.

The victim received several lacerations to his head and was transported to a hospital for treatment.

His injuries are considered non-life threatening.

Detectives are mailing letters of warning to all registered sex offenders in Mountain View.

Sex offenders are encouraged to be vigilant and are urged to call police if they see anyone or anything suspicious. ..News Source.. by John Boitnott

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