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Community tries to get sex offender fired

11-19-2008 New Mexico:

A group of Farmington residents are campaigning to get one man fired from his job. There's a community effort to oust a registered sex offender who's now working around kids.

Jim Edward Bloomfield was convicted of molesting a child twenty years ago. He did his time, serving 15 years in prison.

Now, Bloomfield's a registered sex offender living next door to where he works, the Frontline Mission. It's a non-profit shelter for homeless and low income families.

But some Farmington residents say Bloomfield is too close for comfort.

"Well, I think it's absurd. The man has committed a horrendous crime against children. He should not have contact at all with them," said a Farmington resident.

Gerald Barber used to work with Bloomfield. He knew about Bloomfield's past and found out this week that he's now working with kids, so he wanted to do something about it.

Barber and a few others started posting flyers around the downtown area and in local businesses, alerting people about Jim Edward Bloomfield.

Bloomfield declined to comment on the effort to get him fired.

Bloomfield's boss says he gives everyone a second chance in live.

The Frontline Mission is independently owned and can employ anyone they choose. ..News Source.. by Austin Reed KOBF

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