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Offender’s Home Vandalized

Hummm, no comment from police that, those who did this will be prosecuted. Guess we know where police stand.

10-25-2013 Iowa:

A convicted sex offender moved into the small Marshall County town of Liscomb and quickly learned he was not welcome.

Donald Liger was greeted with smashed windows and the word “Pedophile” spray-painted on his garage. “We got spray paint on our garage last night around midnight. And the window got broken,” Liger said, pointing to the damage.

We couldn’t find any neighbors who admitted to doing this but we also couldn’t find any who felt bad about it.

“For the simple fact what’s on his garage lets everybody know who he is, where he lives,” says neighbor Joe Robinson. “I don’t know. I’m not upset about it.”

“If it’s true they got what came to them,” adds neighbor Alex Draft. “I live right over here and I got a younger sibling, she’s about 14 years old and she’s kinda been scared to come out here lately.”

Police understand the neighbors’ frustration. Afterall, Liger molested a five year old girl back in 2005. But authorities say he did his time and he has to live somewhere.

“The bottom line is these individuals are in our society,” says Marshall County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus. “We can’t victimize those people based on something that they’re legally doing.”

Liger’s wife, Sharon, says the couple just wants to live at the home in peace, “We just want to be left alone so we can live our life without all the hassles that they give to pedophiles and stuff.”

Neighbors say they know the Ligers have to live somewhere just not in their town.

“It makes my gut wrench,” Robinson says glancing at the Ligers on their front porch. “Especially to watch him sit there watching those kids. Is it going to continue? I don’t want him to be here to continue.”

Police say Liger could face charges for failing to report his change of address. ..Source.. by Aaron Brilbeck

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