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Case of mistaken identity leaves man hospitalized

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1-9-2014 New Hampshire:

WESTMORELAND, N.H. -- A case of mistaken identity landed a local man in Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on Wednesday.

Walter Field, 48, of Depot Road, was transported to Lebanon with severe head injuries after being assaulted in his home by an unknown person, according to New Hampshire State Police. The attack is still under investigation but state police know the assailant intended to harm not Field, but rather Field’s neighbor. Hospital Spokesman Rick Adams told the Reformer Field’s condition was listed as "fair" as of Friday afternoon.

State Police Sgt. Shawn M. Skahan said the attacker made some statements overheard by one of Field’s four brothers, who were also in the house, and these statements led police to conclude that Field’s neighbor had been the target.

The sergeant said Field, a farmer, answered a knock at the door at 8:30 p.m. He said the attacker asked for the neighbor and assaulted Field with an unknown object when he was told he had the wrong house. Skahan told the Reformer the attack lasted only a matter of seconds before the assailant fled. He said Field’s brothers heard the commotion and came to his aid, not realizing the extent of the situation until the turn on the lights and saw Field on the ground in the doorway. One them then called 911.

Police are trying to determine a suspect and a motive. There is no description of the attacker at this time.

Skahan said the attacker may have been confused because the neighbor’s mailbox is right next to Field’s home. The neighbor and Field are also friends and have been seen together on the front porch of Field’s house.

Skahan also told the Reformer this was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public. He said the neighbor is being helpful with police and providing them with information. There have been extra patrols in the area as a precaution, he said.

"Mr. Field is a lifelong resident of Westmoreland and is well-known to all of his neighbors and the townspeople," Skahan said. "He is a gentle man who wouldn’t hurt anyone." ..Source.. by Domenic Poli

Police: Victim in Westmoreland attack not intended target

WESTMORELAND, N.H. —A man sleeping at his Dover Road home in Westmoreland last month was not the target of his attacker before being beaten.

Walter Field answered the door the night of Oct. 24 at the home he shares with his brothers and was attacked. Field was beaten so severely that he will need several reconstructive facial surgeries. He remained hospitalized Friday.

“The subject was looking for a neighbor, and before Mr. Field could truly get out that the neighbor wasn't here, he was assaulted and left on his dining room floor," said Sgt. Shawn Skahan, New Hampshire State Police.

Neighbors said they are concerned about the attack.

“I'm as shocked as anyone is. I mean, who would expect it,” said Mark Ference, a neighbor. “The most excitement we have is our neighbor’s cow gets out and I give him a hand getting him back in.”

Police said this was an isolated incident, and insisted there is no public danger.

"It is truly horrible. Mr. Field is a great guy, wouldn't hurt anybody. He's a lifelong farmer. It’s awful,” Skahan said.

State police are still working out the details in this case to find who is responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call police. ..Source.. by Melinda Davenport

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