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Sheriff: Jared Remy fought child sex offender

4-8-2014 Massachusetts:

Accused killer Jared Remy told investigators from the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, “I did what I had to do — I got a child molester,” when he allegedly threw scalding water in the face of fellow detainee Jemery Hodges before a fight with a green plastic chair, soap and his fists, according to court documents released today.

“I had a plan and I did it. I took water, boiling hot water, and threw it in the guy’s face. I took a piece of soap and threw it at the guy’s face and hit him with a chair. Once I slipped, I punched him in the face,”
Remy reportedly said during a videotaped interview following the incident Thursday morning in an overflow room of the Special Management Unit at the Cambridge jail, records state.

Hodges, 27, was watching television when Remy snuck up on him, a report by Sheriff Peter Koutoujian’s Investigations Unit states. The violent dustup was captured by surveillance video, the report states, and reportedly shows Remy striking Hodges with the chair five times with “overhead swings.”

Hodges was treated internally for burns on his face and cuts to his left hand.

Hodges, of Cambridge, pleaded guilty last summer in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Miss., to federal human trafficking and child pornography charges stemming from the May 2012 videotaped sexual abuse of a toddler in a motel in that city. Hodges is not yet in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, however, because he’s awaiting a June 2 trial in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn on related child pornography charges.

His attorney Bruce Ferg declined comment, saying he had not had a chance to talk to his client.

Remy’s lawyer Edward P. Ryan Jr. has not responded to requests for comment.

Remy, 35, the son of Red Sox legend and NESN color commentator Jerry Remy, is scheduled to be arraigned April 24 on eight counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery, the Herald first reported yesterday. He told investigators he’d had no involvement with Hodges prior to the attack, but said, “I’m not a rat. I’m not a child molester. I don’t want to be around those people.”

The report also reveals Remy was assaulted by another inmate March 31, but he declined to press charges.

When asked by investigators why he thought he was picked on, Remy allegedly told them it may have been because he’s “a rich kid” and his name is in the newspaper.

“I’d rather take a punch every day living in the tiers, earning respect,” Remy is quoted as telling investigators in their report, “than living in protective custody.”

Koutoujian’s office declined to comment on Hodges or release the surveillance video, but in a statement said, “Our job at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is to ensure the care, custody and control of all inmates without regard to their alleged crimes. Based on the results of an internal investigation, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office determined that the alleged actions of Jared Remy warranted criminal charges and filed a criminal complaint in Cambridge District Court. “Given the evidence in this case, filing these charges is critical to maintaining a safe, secure institution while upholding our responsibility to those we serve.” ..Source.. by Laurel J. Sweet

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