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South Carolina man left beaten to pulp after allegedly raping nephew's girlfriend on New Year's Eve: police

12-31-2014 South Carolina:

William Mattson's nephew told Conway police he found the 52-year-old raping his girlfriend inside their shared home just after midnight Thursday. After kicking down the bedroom door the boyfriend apparently went Rambo on him, leaving his uncle bruised and bloody.

William Mattson's New Year’s Eve left him seeing stars.

The 52-year-old sexual assault suspect was found beaten to a bloody pulp when picked up by police in Conway, S.C. just after midnight Thursday, police said.

The victim's boyfriend told police he found Mattson having his way with her inside a bedroom of his father's house, where he lives with his girlfriend and Mattson, Myrtle Beach Online reported.

Upon hearing odd sounds coming from inside the room, he told police he kicked the bedroom door down and apparently went Rambo on his uncle while physically driving him out of the home with pounding fists.

After calling police and reporting the chaotic scene, Mattson returned to the property and told officers that his sexual relations with the victim were consensual.

That's when Mattson's nephew lunged at him again, brutally ripping into his face once more, police said.

The victim, whose age was not listed by police, denied that their relations were consensual.

Mattson was arrested and charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree. ..Source.. by Nina Golgowski

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