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Last inmate sentenced in jail attack

6-25-15 West Virginia:

HUNTINGTON - With the final punishment now ordered, nobody will serve additional prison time for their role in the attempted killing of another inmate at Western Regional Jail.

James Roy Michael Keeney, 49, of Huntington, received a 1- to 5-year prison sentence Monday, but Cabell Circuit Judge Alfred Ferguson ordered he serve it simultaneous to a 40-year prison sentence from a prior conviction.

Keeney pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in connection to the Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, 2013, attack on suspected sex offender Zachary Matthew Lawson, then 18. Court documents indicate the attack involved an apparent beating and choking.

An April 2015 indictment initially charged Keeney, three additional prisoners and four correctional officers. The case ends with convictions against three prisoners and all charges dismissed against the remaining five defendants.

Others pleading guilty in the case were the already-convicted murderer Steven Lee Adkins, 29, of Apple Gove, West Virginia, and burglar James Dennis Galloway, 37, of Charleston. Ferguson also allowed their sentences - 3 to 15 years and 1 to 3 years respectively - to be served simultaneously to prior convictions.

Galloway already received parole, according to the state Division of Corrections.

Keeney's prior conviction involved five counts of burglary, along with single counts of first-degree robbery and assault during the commission of a felony in Cabell County. He initially faced charges of attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy in the Lawson attack.

The court cited insufficient evidence and a defect in the indictment, along with perjured and misleading statements during that grand jury session among reasons for dismissing charges against the remaining defendants.

The punishment was among others recently ordered by Ferguson, along with fellow Cabell Circuit Judges Paul T. Farrell and Chris Chiles.

WHITE: Farrell ordered Jeffrey White II to serve three years probation, including one with home confinement. The ruling came after Farrell suspended a 1- to 15-year prison sentence.

White, 33, of Ironton, entered a Kennedy plea to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and misdemeanor child neglect.

A September 2014 indictment initially charged White with three counts of child neglect creating risk of injury and two counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

FARLEY: Farrell ordered Andrew Joseph Farley to a 1- to 10-year prison sentence with drug treatment. Farley, 33, entered a Kennedy plea to entering a building other than a dwelling. Farley agreed to enter the plea without a grand jury indictment.

The case involved Trinity Episcopal Church in Huntington, according to court officials.

JUSTICE: Farrell ordered Luke Andrew Justice to a 1- to 3-year prison sentence with drug treatment. Justice, 35, of Huntington's 1100 block of 9th Avenue Rear, pleaded guilty to attempt to commit a felony.

A January 2015 indictment initially charged Justice with two counts of counterfeiting and one count of failure to process. He also has been the subject of additional charges since the initial arrest in 2013, according to court officials.

ANDERSON: Farrell ordered Thomas Paul Anderson to serve five years probation after suspending a 1- to 3-year prison sentence. Anderson, 50, of Huntington's 400 block of Adams Avenue, had pleaded guilty to attempt to commit a felony.

A September 2014 indictment initially charged Anderson with entry of a building other than a dwelling.

SLAYTON: Farrell ordered Jeremy Scott Slayton to placement at the state's Anthony Center for youthful offenders with drug treatment after suspending a 10-year prison sentence. Slayton, 21, of Huntington, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, agreeing to do so without a grand jury indictment.

MCKINNEY: Chiles ordered Roger Alan McKinney to a 1-year jail sentence. McKinney, 52, of Naoma, West Virginia, entered a Kennedy plea to fraudulent schemes.

An October 2014 indictment initially charged McKinney with two counts of forgery and single counts of fraudulent schemes, uttering and permitting driving under the influence of alcohol. ..Source.. by Curtis Johnson

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