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Would-be rapist critically beaten by three Good Samaritans

7-21-15 Indiana:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (21Alive) – At last report, a man continued to cling to life after being severely beaten by three men. But there's a twist to the story. 1:30 Monday morning, the Villages of Hanna, formerly known as Eden Green apartments.

As a woman walked through the apartment complex, a man grabbed her shirt, dragged her across the street, and began assaulting her. When she yelled for help, three men ran up, pulled the man off of her, beat him up and stomped him in the head, then left before police arrived.

When they got there, the would-be rapist wasn't responsive, and was rushed to the hospital where he was last listed in critical condition.

A police spokesman said since the man wasn't armed, and there were three other men, battery wasn't necessary. He says instead of being vigilantes, they should have called 911 immediately and been good witnesses.

"If nothing else, you hold the individual there until police arrive and then let us take actions that warrant the crime that either took place or was taking place," says Officer Michael Joyner.

We talked to one resident who says she saw the whole thing happen, and she says the man absolutely got what he deserved.

"To me, I condone them because that man got what he deserved. Because what if he would have just kept dragging her? She screamed and her best friend heard her in the building and came outside and they stopped him from beating 'em. But he still got what he deserved. To me, he did," says Regina LeShore.

"I mean, you're a coward. Come on, now. You're a coward. You know what people are going to call you. A coward, woman beater. Feel me? So you think he got what he deserved? Yeah, absolutely. I don't doubt it, not once. He really got what he deserved, yeah," says Reondez Moore.

She says she and other residents recognized the man, who'd been hanging around the area all day, pestering children as well as adults. She says he's been kicked off the property before.

Since the men came to the woman's rescue, she was not assaulted, and she told police how they saved her. It would be up to the prosecutor to decide whether any charges should be filed against the Good Samaritans.

Police want them to come forward to be interviewed. ..Source.. by Corinne Rose - 21Alive

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