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E.M Fire ''Suspicious'', Arson Investigators on the Case

7-26-2006 Illinois:
.East Moline, Illinois -- Arson investigators returned to the scene of a fire that destroyed a house on 16th Avenue Tuesday morning, a fire that investigators are calling ''suspicious.'' Flames shot through the pre-dawn sky just before four this morning at the house at 516 16th Avenue. Sleeping neighbors woke up to the sounds of firefighters telling them to ''get out,'' people like Daisy Puente who fled with her three week old baby to a friend's house because, she says, they thought the house ''was gonna explode''.

''We're fortunate we didn't have any strong winds'', said Fire Chief Rob DeFrance, referring to the houses next door which at one time were in danger of catching fire, too. The Chief says no one was home when they arrived, within minutes of the call because the Fire Departments so close. Around 11 Tuesday, state investigators brought in a dog trained to sniff out possible accelerants at the scene.

The house is known to police. Owned by Jeff Harris, it was the last residence of Jesse Adams. Adams is a convicted sex offender arrested last month for allegedly trying to lure a 12 year old East Moline girl into his car. He is now in the Rock Island County jail, and was also convicted on prior crack cocaine charges. Investigators at one time brought someone into custody this morning in connection with the fire, but they were released. ..more.. : by Chris Minor

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