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Man Falsely Accused Of Being Sex Offender Leaves Job

6-9-2005 California:

Convicted Sex Offender Uses Alias Similar To Therapist

.HEMET, Calif. -- A massage therapist is giving up his job -- work he said he loves enough to do for free -- after the fallout from a case of mistaken identity. An employee at a restaurant next to the Hemet business publicly accused William "Billy" Smith of being someone else -- a convicted sex offender who appears on the Megan's Law Web site. The site is designed to protect residents from sex offenders.

The man on the Web site is named William Jerome Duncan, but he used the name William Smith as an alias. Duncan's crimes involve rape, incest and lewd acts with children. His last address was listed as east of Palm Springs, but his whereabouts are unknown. Police received the erroneous tip that Duncan was working at Health Rhythms Spa. They found William "Billy" Smith, a former pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers' farm system who spent thousands of dollars to develop his career as a sports massage therapist after his 5-year-old daughter died of heart disease.

On Tuesday, William "Billy" Smith packed awards, certificates of merit and other items in his office. He said he cannot continue to work after the false accusation. "I can't look at people the same because I think that they're looking at me funny," he said. "I think that they're thinking that I'm not only a predator, but a child predator." : by NBC4.TV ..more..

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