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Sex offender evicted from Hoosick home

4-1-2005 Vermont:
. A man convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl plans to move from his Hoosac Meadows apartment today after receiving an eviction notice Tuesday from his landlord in the wake of his criminal past being publicized this week.

Gary Ronald St. John Jr., 34, said Wednesday that he expected a public outcry at his presence when he first moved in with his girlfriend at the low-income apartment complex at the end of January - but was surprised it took so long for the information to get out. [snip]

St. John said he underwent five months of a six-month sex offender program during his incarceration. "Basically it's reliving the whole offense," he said, and now he can "guarantee that this (rape) would not happen again." Community members have expressed their unhappiness about St. John's criminal history, which many learned of on Monday and Tuesday. St. John said he has had eggs thrown at his and his family members' cars and that he has been the target of sidewalk chalkings and verbal comments. He said his girlfriend's teenage daughter came home in tears Wednesday after a difficult day at school. [snip]

St. John said he plans to move out of Hoosick Falls, but right now he said he can only guarantee that he'll move to wherever he can get the cheapest rent. He does plan to seek counsel from a legal aid organization as to why he was being told to leave his apartment after only three months, and provided with just two days' notice. : by JESSICA YORK, Staff Writer ..more..

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