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Men kidnap, beat and brutalize alleged molester

8-8-1997 Louisiana:

THIBODAUX, La. -- A teen-ager suspected of raping a boy was kidnapped, beaten, tortured and left hanging by the neck in the Louisiana swamp by the boy's father and another man, authorities say.

Adam Trahan Jr., 17, was hospitalized with two fractures of the spine and cuts and bruises on his face and body, including swollen testicles and whip marks on his buttocks. His condition was not disclosed yesterday.

John Bruce, 26, and Jeremy Billiot, 21, were arrested Wednesday and jailed without bail on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. Investigators wouldn't say which man believed Trahan had raped his son, who is about 4.

"The torture went on for several hours," sheriff's spokesman Larry Weidel said.

Trahan will be charged with molesting the boy and having sex with his underage, 14-year-old girlfriend, the sheriff's office said.

Bruce and Trahan were half-brothers, and Trahan had been living with Bruce's family, Weidel said.

The sheriff's office gave this account of what Trahan said happened on Tuesday:

Bruce and Billiot hit Trahan, threw him in the trunk of Billiot's car and drove him to a sugar cane field, where Trahan was beaten severely.

Trahan again was thrown into the trunk and driven to a swamp, where his pants and underwear were torn off and he was sexually brutalized, punched and whipped with a tennis racket. He was then strung up with a rope tied to a fuel tank so that only the tips of his toes touched the ground.

The men threw bricks at Trahan's feet and continued to beat him until they saw a car's headlights approaching. The men fled, leaving Trahan hanging there in only a shirt.

Trahan worked himself free and caught a ride to the sheriff's office.

"If it wouldn't have been for those headlights, who knows what might've happened?" Weidel said. ..more.. by South Coast Today

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