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Sacramento Man Angry Sex Offender Info Released

10-3-2002 California:

Department Of Justice Says Fliers Look Like They Were Illegally Copied

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A South Sacramento couple is leveling serious allegations of law enforcement misconduct. They say the misconduct surrounds those who have access to confidential information in the state's sex offender database.

Fliers were mailed to possibly hundreds of South Sacramento residents. Inside were five separate official printouts of registered sex offenders. One person was labeled a "child molester," while the others were portrayed as threats to area families.

One of those targeted in a printout is Donnie Johnson, who was convicted of a sex offense committed while in jail 31 years ago.

Johnson and his wife, Malea, are angry because the printouts include the home addresses of every offender. And some include driver's license numbers. The reason they are livid is that it is illegal to print out and mail the personal registration information.

"Someone in the public took it upon himself to disseminate this, and that's illegal," said Sacramento Police Sgt. Justin Risley.

Beyond that, the release of the information has also opened the couple's four children up to ridicule and even threats,
according to Johnson.

"My family's not safe anymore, not safe. My children are being victimized for a crime they didn't commit," Malea Johnson said.

What makes the story even more concerning is that all of these fliers are printouts from the state attorney general's own computer database, meaning someone in law enforcement may have illegally released the information.

"I'm mad. I'm going to turn justice around in their face, try to get the best lawyer I can find, and sue," Donnie Johnson said.

"I want them punished. I want to know who. I don't want a slap on the back and them telling me they won't know who. They can investigate and know who did this. I know they can," Malea Johnson said.

Sacramento Police Department officials say they are launching an investigation.

"We're looking into that. We didn't do it, and DOJ says no one there did it. So we need to find out who did," Risley said.

DOJ officials said that the fliers look as though they were illegally copied off a law-enforcement database. But they say there are some 400 agencies in California with clearance to access that information. So identifying whoever did it could be very difficult.

Johnson says he wants all his neighbors to know his crime did not involve children in any way shape or form. ..more.. by KCRAChannel

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