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Woman claims sex offender assaulted outside Tulsa home

4-16-2006 Oklahoma:
.The emotions of some Red Fork residents upset about a group of sex offenders living in their community west of Tulsa apparently turned to violence this week. A Red Fork woman says she helped one of the men after seeing him being assaulted Thursday night after an emotional community meeting.

The landlord of the group home where the sex offenders are living say the man suffered a black eye and a busted lip after reportedly being attacked by two men. ..more.. : by KTEN.

Sex Offender Attacked Leaving Town Meeting


Tulsa - A sex offender living in a group home in West Tulsa may have to spend some time in an emergency room after he was attacked Thursday night after leaving a neighborhood meeting to discuss the much publicized halfway house in West Tulsa.

We're told the man was attacked as he was leaving the meeting, which was held at the Red Fork Church of God. Neighbors who don't want that sex offender house in their neighborhood and say they'll fight to move it.

Carrie Parnell has a unique perspective when it comes to sexual abuse. As a child, she was sexually molested repeatedly. As an adult, Carrie now lives only a few doors down from the recently established group home for sex abusers.

Carrie sees it this way.

"We know sex offenders live there. They mess up, they go back to jail. Where do the cops go, right there."

But, not all her neighbors are that tolerant. In fact, at Thursday night's town meeting, there were more than two hundred people with a very different view. Neva Jewel is a concerned mother with a front row seat.

"My children play in the back yard and I don't want to worry they're hiding behind a tree anywhere," she said.

The house opened late last week. Several abusers already live there, including some convicted of rape, lewd molestation and other sex crimes. Others will move in soon. But, because no laws have been violated, there is not much neighbors can do.

Still, there is a plan.

"Write a bill," says John McDonald. "It won't happen overnight. But, we'll start work on it."

It won't come soon enough for Christy Johnson, who has some very strong beliefs.

"Sorry, I don't think they can be rehabilitated," Johnson says. "That's just my opinion." Source by Jerry Giordano

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