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Convicted Sex Offender Causes Concern In Coopertown

9-4-2007 Tennessee:

Some members of the Coopertown community in Robertson County are making it their personal crusade to warn people about a convicted sex offender in their neighborhood.

The convicted sex offender, Charles Cornelius Sloan, is living across the street from the Coopertown Middle School and next to a daycare and there is nothing authorities can do about it.

Sloan, who was convicted of convicted of aggravated sexual battery in January 1997, was living in his home at 3839 Highway 47 West before Tennessee law required convicted sex offenders to live at least 1,000 feet away from schools and daycares.

Neighbor Judy Ellis is making awareness her mission.

She said, “I don't think he deserves any protection. I don't think he needs to hide in that pretty little house of his and not have his own sign in the front yard."

Ellis said if she had it her way, it would be very clear where convicted sex offenders live within the area.

“There should be a sign in their yard until he drops dead,” she told News 2.

At 7 a.m. Tuesday morning Ellis, along with about 15 other concerned parents and citizens, propped a sign that states, “A CHILD MOLESTER LIVES HERE,” along on Highway 47 near Sloan’s home.

Ellis said she would have put thesign up sooner but only recently found out he was living nearby.

Sloan committed the crime before the Tennessee state sex offender registry was made public on July 1.

Prior to that, only law enforcement had access to the records.

Residents in Coopertown had no way of nothing whether a convicted sex offender lived in the neighborhood.

The Coopertown Police Department is well aware of the issue and is in close contact with the school and the daycare center next door.

Detective David Wright said, "I talk with them all the time sometimes even on a personal level to be sure they’re doing alright. We have patrolofficers that check on them… It makes them feel safe."

The parents behind the sign said they don’t plan on stopping at one sign.

“We're not just going to target Mr. Sloane. We're gonna go through the county and make people aware of where they are and where they live,” she said.

The group of parents said they want the legislature to pass stricter laws when it comes to convicted child molesters.

They are also hoping to get Jessica’s Law passed in Coopertown which would require all convicted sex offenders live further than 2,000 feet away from schools, playgrounds and day cares.

Itwould also make them wear ankle bracelets with GPS units.

News 2 attempted to contact Sloan. He was not home Monday and is believed to be out of town. ..more.. by WKRN Nashville Tennessee

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