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AR- Father Accused of Shooting Sex Offender

3-26-2009 Arkansas:

HELENA-WEST HELENA, AR---A man in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, is behind bars accused of shooting a registered sex offender he claims raped his young daughter.

The shooting happened on March 25, 2009, on Oakland Avenue. Police charged 26 year-old Jimmy Haynes with first degree battery for shooting his girlfriend's father, registered sex offender Kovadis Maxie.

According to police reports, Haynes accused Maxie of raping his young daughter. Police say Haynes confronted Maxie at his home, pulled a gun, and shot him in the leg.

Maxie had a trip to the hospital, but he did not go to jail.

In the state of Arkansas, Kovadis Maxie is listed as a registered sex offender. He was convicted of first degree sexual abuse. He is listed as a Level 3 offender, which means he has a high risk of re-offending.

Helena-West Helena investigators say they did not arrest Maxie because there is no proof of the sexual assault of which Haynes is accusing him.

Haynes also picked up a child endangerment charge. Police say that's because during his scuffle with Maxie, he tossed his loaded gun into the car near his two year-old son.

Police say this case should be a lesson to never take matters into your own hands. Detective Dennis Cox says, "An incident like this where matters were taken into their own hands, what they've done is more or less hurt themselves and their family. Because the seriousness of the situation it's a possibility the father is not going to be around for his children for a long time."

Jimmy Haynes is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the felony battery charge. If you suspect child abuse call your state's child abuse hot line listed below:

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