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Bogus letter claims Aurora man is sex offender

6-10-2009 Colorado:

AURORA - The wording of a letter recently sent anonymously to people in one metro-area neighborhood would scare any parent. But the allegations made against Aurora Hills Middle School security officer Ray Hall are not true.

The letter claims a sexual predator is on the loose that neither the "City of Aurora nor the Schools want you to know" about.

It alleges that five victims have come forward claiming abuse.

"My stomach just kind of went, it just dropped," Hall said. "Every time you go outside you wonder are people thinking, 'Is this this kind of person?' because you know other people have read the letter."

Hall says letters were sent to his neighbors and the superintendent of Aurora Public Schools. The district and Aurora Police confirmed to 9NEWS that they have received no reports of abuse.

"Our investigators have found nothing to substantiate the allegations made in the letter," said Aurora Police Detective Shannon Lucy.

Hall's wife, Jan, who spoke to 9NEWS in April, says the letters have been hard on the family. 9NEWS has been investigating since.

"It kind of chokes me up. It gets you upset. When the second letter came last week I was pulling into the driveway and a neighbor said, 'Did you know there's a letter saying your husband is a sexual predator of children?'" Jan Hall said.

The letters were mailed to the Halls' neighbors. The envelopes show no return address.

Hall told 9Wants to Know that he thinks whoever wrote the letter knows him because the writer took shreds of truth from his life and twisted them into what he says are the lies in the letter.

"I was outside at dusk time, in a robe taking pictures of children," said Ray Hall as he described another of the allegations made against him in the letter.

Hall said he wasn't taking pictures of children. Instead he took pictures of the RV rental business he says his neighbor runs from the house.

9Wants to Know found out the city of Aurora subpoenaed Hall to testify against the neighbor in a zoning case.

Hall says he hopes the author is eventually caught.

"Whoever did this is trying to destroy someone's life. It's taken everything away that I am," Hall said.

Aurora Police are asking anyone who has information about the letter's author to give detectives a phone call.

Detectives say they have no official suspects.

"We do not have enough to charge anyone right now. If we do find out who did it, we'll charge them with harassment more likely than not through the municipal court," Lucy said. ..Source.. by : Jeffrey Wolf written by: Jace Larson and Nicole Vap

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