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Posters Hung Falsely Identifying Man as Sex Offender

7-5-2009 Nebraska:

Omaha (KPTM) - Some Papillion residents woke up to some bizarre postings Friday morning.

Flyers claiming an area man was a sex offender were posted on numerous street and school signs.

"I was shocked. I was shocked in a way," says Janet Amfinson. "It's a defamation of character. I think it's nasty thing to do to someone."

The woman lives nearby the man whose picture is posted on the flyers.

They're family friends, and she says the phrases plastered on the poster saying 'pedophile' and 'Level 3 Sex Offender' aren't true.

"Absolutely not. Absolutely not," she says.

FOX 42 isn't releasing the man's full name or address because it looks like Amfinson is right.

A quick check of the Nebraska State Patrol's online registry of sex offenders doesn't list the man, which it would have to if he were a level three offender, as the poster claims.

FOX 42 talked with 'Erik' by phone Friday.

He said the posters were a lie and that he has police looking into it.

A Papillion police officer would only confirm off camera they're investigating, but need witnesses who may have seen someone hanging the flyers to step forward.

Amfinson says someone needs to be held accountable for publicly damaging the reputation of a man who has a family himself.

"I was angry that somebody would do that to somebody when he's trying to raise this child," she says.

A look at the online inmate search for Nebraska Department of Corrections also has no record for the man. ..Source.. by Todd Unger

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